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Personally, I'd say no go on those.Check out the Maui Jim "Akoni." They are on Ebay fairly regularly; I've seen them go for $60-$70. (Random note: If you find a pair with cracked lenses and pick them up for cheap, PM me, I've got a spare set of lenses from my pair)Not only are they much higher quality in every way (frame, lenses, hinges), but they are also a bit more of a wraparound style yet still have the larger aviator style lens.
That seems like a sign that it fits about right, haha.
^ That entire campaign has been fantastic. They hit the nail on the head for building buzz among the pre-teen/teenage demo. It was quite successful too, due to the first weekend's box office numbers. From the superbowl- great concept (that, or I just love Jeff Bridges):
A few more shots of the vintage Seiko 5. Considering throwing it back on Ebay since I don't think it's quite my style. (Click for detail size)
Recent Ebay pick up for a great price. Not sure if I'm going to hang onto it or not though. 18mm lug size doesn't work too well with my band collection, haha.
Anyone have any experience with Mondaine? Just stumbled upon them today and they seem pretty interesting. The quartz come in under $200 but the automatics can probably be found for around $500.
Anybody want this Grenen for cheap? It just doesn't get any wear so I'd rather someone else put it to good use. Just put in a brand new battery, but the metal band is a bit loose so you'll probably want to throw a 22mm nato or leather band on it. EDIT: Nevermind, that was fast, haha.
IFantastic hand-knit J.Crew sweater. This thing is ridiculously heavy. I'd love to keep it, but I can count the number of days this year that it's gotten below 40 degrees down here on one hand. It's a really nice cotton/linen blend (55/45.) Measurements (marked as Small, would definitely work for XS-S): P2P: 19" Shoulders: 19" Length (Back, collar to bottom): 24" Sleeves (collar to cuff): 29" Price is $50 shipped via USPS Priority. Please don't hesitate to ask any...
Haha, I have a burgundy version of that tie and I've only worn it twice. Each time was a huge success though. People love it.
If you guys don't mind keeping an eye out for "BrooksFlannel" shirts in size small I'd be more than willing to make it worth your while. They've become my favorite shirts and they rarely show up on ebay. To be honest, I don't care what color/pattern they are. Thanks. There have really been some awesome finds recently.
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