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I wish I was alive during this era for the music alone. I can't find anyone currently producing that even comes close to this. Though I do appreciate Cee-lo's effort, haha.
Hyundai would never allow it.
FTFY.I'm no doctor, but I can't imagine that even with a full orthopedic center with full reconstructive capabilities that he could even imagine putting weight on that within 3-6 months. Though even that time period is unrealistic, as Rick's wife isn't even beginning to show the pregnancy.
Put the Seiko back up on Ebay. I've still go the itch though, so now the hunt continues for a new watch, haha. This one looks interesting for a sub-$300
He narrates the Hyundai ads. An interesting, but very effective choice for a foreign brand like this working in the US.
Almost every line in this show makes me cringe. I honestly don't think the writers could write more forced or unnatural lines if they tried...
I'm not very mechanically minded, so could someone explain why there aren't quartz watches with sweeping seconds? Is it simply that it would use more electricity? If so, it seems like companies could simply add more/larger batteries and still produce decently sized watches (still smaller than most autos.)
I got my Concealed permit late last year and picked up a Kel Tec P3-AT .380. It's a tiny little guy and is insanely easy to conceal, but rather uncomfortable to shoot. Recently I got the itch for a bigger, more fun gun to shoot. I picked this up for a great price at a pawn shop yesterday. Pretty excited to get it out to the range this weekend.
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