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The fact that this is even a thing... God bless America.
Is it though? I can't really imagine any thin person reading that and getting offended.
+1. Dull exacto knife for me.
This line by Rick's wife just made me say outloud "shut the fuck up already... jesus christ." A perfect example of the terrible writing: When they're in the house debating whether or not to kill the kid, Hershel asks "Could you just drive him out further than last time?" "You barely made it back last time. You could break down, there's walkers, you could get ambushed..." says Rick's interjects. Oh really? They might run into trouble if they drive off the farm? No...
I guess I didn't clarify - I wasn't really planning to buy a car for the seat. I was really just planning to use the info to track down some totaled/parting outs on craigslist and ebay instead of spending the time wandering scrap yards. In regard to the couch above being poorly done- I also noticed the foam at the bottom. I'm looking at this as a fun project that I could spend some time doing well, so I'd probably end up wrapping the bottom and back with something to make...
It also comes with a brown nubuck strap.
I happened to catch an episode of Top Gear US the other night (not even close to the UK original, but still was rather entertaining) and the modified car-seat couch they use for celebrity interviews really caught my eye: This is the only picture I could find online Does anyone know what car would have a backseat similar to this? I'd love to find a good condition leather seat and have a friend of mine make a frame for it just like this.
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