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I hope someone caught a gif when he mouthed "you're full of it." across the table.
Oh, I agree 100%. Obviously what I said was meant to describe what the general population interprets when it comes to marketing campaigns and, more specifically, design.That's why the number one rule being taught in ad schools right now is that perception is reality. Sadly, it's not even meant in the intelligent use of the phrase when observed in good design.
I've often thought about the fine line that charities like Goodwill walk when it comes to marketing. If they don't market, their mission can't be achieved. However, if they over market (or over design, as may be the case there) they run the risk of losing donors due to the appearance that they're "doing just fine and don't need my help." Though, it their defense, it must be difficult to grow a charity when you haven't commandeered a color for an entire month or invented...
Saw this tagged at 19.99 in the store a block from my apartment. While not remarkable, if I hadn't bought it myself I'd guess it was a >$50 bottle. Never been a huge fan of Crown, so I'm happy I found this one to try out.
Hahaha. What a great find. Sent to a few of my AD friends.
You know, I think this was the week to lose sympathy for Walt if there ever was one. The dinner scene at Walt's house with Jesse was fantastic, though.
That reminds me, if you've got a thing for pop-ups (as anyone who appreciates intricate design should be) you should definitely check this one out. I leave it out at my apartment and nearly everyone that stops by loves flipping through it. It's almost sad that they'll pass up the hundred-dollar photography and design books to look at this one, haha.
This line - "the marketing equivalent of Michael Phelps' fourth-place finish in the 400 IM." While we're on the subject of ads running during the Olympics, this one stuck out to me as a well-done spot: The solid mix of contemporary cues is spot-on for the target. Out of everyone, I think Chrysler made some fantastic decisions on agencies to rebuild themselves after the bail-out.
Who on earth approved the typeface they're using for everything though?
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