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Just picked up a heavy black peacoat. It's real Navy issued and even has a name stamped inside. Marked as Sterlingwear of Boston. It's way too big for me but being in Florida I rarely see any decent overcoats so I wanted it anyways. Size is marked at 44R Would anyone be interested? I could probably get some photos up tonight.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kentishman Or putting socks down your pants. Let's change the topic of this thread... What exactly is wrong with putting socks down your pants?
I'm somewhat surprised nobody actually turns up their surgeon cuffs. Seems like it would be the ultimate way to show it off.
Hello everyone. This is one of my first posts here, though I've been lurking for a while. I've started noticing that a large number of member's high-end suits/sport coats seem to be missing one or more buttons from the functional button-hole sleeves. I was wondering if there is a reason for this, or if many of the members here simply have trouble keeping track of their buttons.
Quote: Originally Posted by randob300 Found a pair of vintage Nettletons with orginal soles and only minor bumps and bruises. Unfortunately, these are size 7, but given my recent dry-spell, I have to consider this a win. Did you happen to find those at the salvation army in Hilton Head? There was a pair nearly identical to those a week ago there.
Hi all, First post here. Today I made a round to Salvation army and Goodwill. - Navy Hickey Freeman Blazer, my size, functional sleeve buttons etc. - 3.99 - Halon Menswear of Manchester silver Cufflinks - .99 (anyone know about this company? search showed up nothing) - Few random vests and sports shirts. Also picked up a good condition pair of Johnston and Murphy's, too small for me though. Anyone interested in a pair of size 8 "Mayes" in a medium brown?
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