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Has anyone seen a huge influx of Hilfiger? It seems like the only ties and shirts in my area anymore are TH....
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt Upon closer inspection I noticed the fine black mother of pearl buttons and hand-sewn button holes. In great condition and a great deal at $4. I think that's one of my favorite parts of thrifting. Finding things that clearly had a lot of work put into them and are now virtually free. I've nearly bought a number of suits/orphans even with severe damage simply because of the phenomenal work put into them.
Quote: Originally Posted by jkidd41011 Pix aren't showing but that is my size. Would like to see. Imageshack is acting funny for some reason... give me a second.
Found a brand new Canali shirt today, size 43|17 At least I assume it's new because the cloth looks unwashed and the plastic collar retainer is still in place. Unfortunately one of the buttons had some sort of accident: Not quite my size, anyone want it?
NWT BB Multicolor sport shirt in my size NWT Austin Reed worsted lightish grey trousers in my size, unhemmed Dark navy/charcoal with red over check Hart Schaffner & Marx for Dior 2btn SB 38r Polo by RL green pattern tie Robert Talbot green striped tie All from the same GW. Pretty decent day I'd say.
I've wound up with a Sterlingwear Navy-issued peacoat that is unfortunately about 5 sizes too large for me. It's probably one of the heaviest coats I've held and the construction is indestructible. From the markings it appears that it was actually issued, but it shows no wear at all so I assume it was very rarely worn. The tag is marked at 44r: Shoulder to Shoulder: 19.75" Pit-Pit when buttoned: 23" Shoulder seam to bottom of sleeve: 26.5" Top of Collar to bottom...
Just picked up a heavy black peacoat. It's real Navy issued and even has a name stamped inside. Marked as Sterlingwear of Boston. It's way too big for me but being in Florida I rarely see any decent overcoats so I wanted it anyways. Size is marked at 44R Would anyone be interested? I could probably get some photos up tonight.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kentishman Or putting socks down your pants. Let's change the topic of this thread... What exactly is wrong with putting socks down your pants?
I'm somewhat surprised nobody actually turns up their surgeon cuffs. Seems like it would be the ultimate way to show it off.
Hello everyone. This is one of my first posts here, though I've been lurking for a while. I've started noticing that a large number of member's high-end suits/sport coats seem to be missing one or more buttons from the functional button-hole sleeves. I was wondering if there is a reason for this, or if many of the members here simply have trouble keeping track of their buttons.
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