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That briefcase is awesome. Found a fantastic PRL shirt today. Has the thick MOP buttons that were discussed earlier with an incredibly wide-spread collar. The fabric is crazy though. It's some sort of super soft cotton, in a very "sport-shirt" gingham pattern. Marked size M, but fits perfectly slim. It will make a nice business-casual shirt for the internship. Edit: The fabric is very similar to this: I seem to have the worst luck with belts. If anyone has a decent...
Just moved to Greenville, SC for a couple months. Looks like there's a pretty nice concentration of shops. I'll see what I can find when I have a free afternoon.
Luckily they're very real. I agree about the leather near the laces. I'm not sure why they did that. The uppers are in phenomenal condition though, especially considering how much wear is on the soles. Still I'm happy for the 6 bucks I paid.
J&M Made in Italy. Fit perfect, but it may take me a little while to be comfortable wearing these. Anyone have some 10.5 Chocolate suede's they'd like to trade for these? *please forgive the brand name on the trees, they were 10 bucks at the outlet.
Quote: Originally Posted by mystillwater i don't, but that's not a chance i'm willing to take. it kinda skeeves me out. i know you need to have an iron stomach to be a really successful thrifter... i'll settle with being an ok thrifter. Haha, I can agree with that. I've got a bottle of hand-sanitizer in the car that I nearly empty after each store.
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy oooh i like mendez... BUT (and i swear this is true) ..she is also a former gymnast and head cheerleader (yes she still has the uniform) and im 35 and shes 25...in yaaaaaaaaaa face lol` (although the 43-31 split is impressive) like Howard stern used to say you must have a lot of coke or a lot of cock to pull that off Mine's a brunette and former dancer. She's an all american girl. For the record though,...
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy mine is a size zero Same, haha. with the 34C's to boot.
Nothing good today. There were a dozen or so bespoke suits made for "Archie Armstrong," though. Phenomenal material and construction, but somewhere in the range of 46 and 48L...
Quote: Originally Posted by JG000 Lucky bastard! I like. Where'd you find that? Salvation army. They even threw in the hanger for free, haha. I also picked up a few PRL OCBD's for 99 cents each. I think I'll have them taken in though. They are a bit large on me and what's 15 bucks to make a 99 cent shirt fit perfectly? Still absolutely no luck in the shoe department...
Nothing spectacular today, just a few mediocre pairs of pants for my internship in a few weeks. However I did pick up this gem for a whole 99 cents (tax included). Hart Schaffner & Marx Silver Trumpeter. Perfect fit too.
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