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Quote: Originally Posted by mystillwater i don't, but that's not a chance i'm willing to take. it kinda skeeves me out. i know you need to have an iron stomach to be a really successful thrifter... i'll settle with being an ok thrifter. Haha, I can agree with that. I've got a bottle of hand-sanitizer in the car that I nearly empty after each store.
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy oooh i like mendez... BUT (and i swear this is true) ..she is also a former gymnast and head cheerleader (yes she still has the uniform) and im 35 and shes 25...in yaaaaaaaaaa face lol` (although the 43-31 split is impressive) like Howard stern used to say you must have a lot of coke or a lot of cock to pull that off Mine's a brunette and former dancer. She's an all american girl. For the record though,...
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy mine is a size zero Same, haha. with the 34C's to boot.
Nothing good today. There were a dozen or so bespoke suits made for "Archie Armstrong," though. Phenomenal material and construction, but somewhere in the range of 46 and 48L...
Quote: Originally Posted by JG000 Lucky bastard! I like. Where'd you find that? Salvation army. They even threw in the hanger for free, haha. I also picked up a few PRL OCBD's for 99 cents each. I think I'll have them taken in though. They are a bit large on me and what's 15 bucks to make a 99 cent shirt fit perfectly? Still absolutely no luck in the shoe department...
Nothing spectacular today, just a few mediocre pairs of pants for my internship in a few weeks. However I did pick up this gem for a whole 99 cents (tax included). Hart Schaffner & Marx Silver Trumpeter. Perfect fit too.
Gonna head out tomorrow. I'm praying for a decent pair of suede wingtips. (or any decent suedes) I've been searching the internet for a great pair sub-$100 and haven't had a bit of luck besides Lands end. Wish me luck, haha.
Quote: Originally Posted by Temujin Here is a link to the Allen Edmonds I got last week: http://img688.imageshack.us/g/......76.jpg/ The cognac loafers are 9.5 D (Nearly new) The burgundy oxfords are 10.5 D Black oxfords: 11.5B Brown oxfords: 10.5 C Alden Black Loafers 8.5 D I have not gotten around to cleaning the rest up yet. The AE's will hit ebay tonight, unless some one here wants them. I'm interested in the burgundy AE's....
Quote: Originally Posted by matt22616 Amazing sulka. Let me know if you don't want it. Pm me your address and it's yours. I've got too many green ties anyways.
Not a bad week so far:
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