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I don't know how I feel about the design, but that's a phenomenally well-done rendering.
Iirc, it's 36"x42" which ran about $30 to print and another $60 to mount to a heavy-duty foam-core board with matte lamination on top. I built the frame out of some standard hardwood 1x4's and matte black paint from Home Depot, then mounted it about 2" from the wall with anchors, long screws, and painted pipe spacers. The key is just finding the highest resolution version of the picture possible.
Ebay decided to go with the budget e-marketing company, huh?
Rocky Marciano v. Joe Walcott 1952. ( the highest res I could find in a few minutes) Found it deep in the Google Life Magazine photo archive and left it as my desktop until I finally printed it and built a frame for it. That wire shark head actually gets more compliments than anything else, haha. I really enjoy it because I can only imagine what was going through the little Chinese boy's head as he was molding the wire and soldering it all together.
Haha. Sentimental value, I guess.
Trying to sublease my apartment to move closer to the office, so I took a few Craigslist pictures of the place I've lived since the beginning of my last year of undergrad (which makes it a little over a year, haha.) Lived with a girlfriend for the first 3 years, so this was my first shot at acting like a bachelor. It's far from SF standards, but it's worked pretty well for the time I've been here. (plus about 20 steps from the pool)
Also, gotta throw this one in since Orange + Blue was being discussed. I've always regretted the Alma Mater phasing out this logo:
That reminded me of a video I stumbled upon earlier. It seems vaguely familiar, so it may have been posted before. Regardless, it's pretty intriguing -
Is it weird that when I read about that this morning I was actually excited?
CNN is saying - "When it comes to substance, it was a draw. When it comes to composure and being presidential, it was entirely Ryan." My bet is that the polls won't shift very much, if at all.
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