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Quote: Originally Posted by wannabe [spoiler][/spoiler] Dang. I love Skagen. Which model is this? Damn, I've been meaning to put that in my picture posts. That model is Skagen #241LSLC. IIRC, I snagged it for around $50 on Ebay.
I got this Michael Kors for my girlfriend a few weeks ago. It's actually really cool and goes with most of her clothes. Plus, I got it for under $200.
A few more random shots. Dresses up as easily as it does down... Skagen #241LSLC
Quote: Originally Posted by allaboutshoes Here's the story: I got a Blackberry Torch 9800 from insurance but decided not to use it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin Second Hendricks and also try Bombay Sapphire I consider that as a go-to women's gin.
Quote: Originally Posted by matsui What size case are those? The grey one is about 41mm and the blue is about 38mm. I'm not entirely sure about the blue one yet though. I don't know that it would get enough wear in my lineup. If someone else wants to give it a shot feel free to pm me.
Double post, I know, but I don't want to let it die, haha. Grenen Model #M-44XLUUC. Steel on an orange Nato.
Quote: Originally Posted by lemmywinks Reminds me of this guy. I'd like to go on the record right now and say that this thread in no way states that Maui Jims can stop a bullet. That's a great story though. Lucky son-of-a-gun.
Quote: Originally Posted by andrew96 Very true! And may I add that if you are going to buy sunglasses, buy them froma sunglasses maker, for consistent quality companies like WileyX, Rayban and of course Maui Jim provide the best lenses. I have read repeatedly that low quality sunglasses are bad for your eyes, can someone please shed some light on this issue for us? I personally wear seven different pairs, 1 Rayban, 2 Native, 1 WileyX and 2 Maui...
Quote: Originally Posted by gauche.story I am about to hit up 3 GW and a Salvation Army. So stoked.
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