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Beat the thunderstorms today by about 15 minutes. About 30 miles in:
I think my favorite part of enjoying cheap watches is the ability to see a watch I like out in the wild and buy something close to it pretty soon after without having to worry about dropping a mortgage payment like some of the guys over in the real watch thread, haha. For example, a week or so ago I had lunch with a friend. He had a black watch with rose gold accents and I thought it was a pretty good look. I found a Grenen that is actually the same model as one I've...
501 drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh hey where to cop? Looks like Grenen is buy one get one half off right now too. The strap was a random ebay kop. It's just too easy to hop on the 'bay and type "22mm strap" then click a few buy-it-nows, haha.
Today's: Grenen Model #M-44XLUUC. Steel on a natural calf strap.
Shirt sold and drop on 501s!
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Passed on a mint Dwell Studio shower curtain a couple months ago for $5 because I didn't know what I'd do with it. We had two bathrooms both with shower stalls. We're moving now and the new place has a shower stall and a regular tub/shower. Should have grabbed it. That's definitely a However I do think you were right in leaving it. If we picked up every cool item we found simply because it's cool then we'd...
Edit: Nvm.
Dark Tan 501s, Button fly, size 35x38. $20 shipped CONUS. Paypal preferred. Blue plaid Burberry London long-sleeve shirt. Size M. It's been worn (as you can see from the collar) but that only adds character. Really soft with great smoked MOP buttons. Measurements: Pit-Pit : 23" Mid-collar - cuff : 35" Shoulders : 21" Bottom of collar - Bottom of back : 32" SOLD FOR $20 Shipped CONUS. Paypal preferred. Shoot me a pm if you're interested. Thanks for...
Jesus Christ on the Gatsby 1st ed. Absolutely absurd that someone would let that slip into the donation pile. Picked this up today. Looks to have been worn maybe once. Still had the creases from folding.
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