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Timberland. I've got the pair in the middle and back right. Grey suede and brown suede.
I completely agree. Back when I was with the girlfriend she would love when I would pick up random things for her. And most of them happened to be things that caught my eye without even looking very hard. I can't imagine how many great things I would have found if I actually searched.
I picked it up as a one-off on ebay. I haven't seen any others like it online, to be honest. I'll definitely keep an eye out for you though.
Beat the thunderstorms today by about 15 minutes. About 30 miles in:
I think my favorite part of enjoying cheap watches is the ability to see a watch I like out in the wild and buy something close to it pretty soon after without having to worry about dropping a mortgage payment like some of the guys over in the real watch thread, haha. For example, a week or so ago I had lunch with a friend. He had a black watch with rose gold accents and I thought it was a pretty good look. I found a Grenen that is actually the same model as one I've...
501 drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh hey where to cop? http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/jewe...Mesh+Watch.jsp Looks like Grenen is buy one get one half off right now too. The strap was a random ebay kop. It's just too easy to hop on the 'bay and type "22mm strap" then click a few buy-it-nows, haha.
Today's: Grenen Model #M-44XLUUC. Steel on a natural calf strap.
Shirt sold and drop on 501s!
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Passed on a mint Dwell Studio shower curtain a couple months ago for $5 because I didn't know what I'd do with it. We had two bathrooms both with shower stalls. We're moving now and the new place has a shower stall and a regular tub/shower. Should have grabbed it. That's definitely a However I do think you were right in leaving it. If we picked up every cool item we found simply because it's cool then we'd...
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