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I know this point has already been talked about, but I just wanted to vent as well.I've got a buyer that won three items in a row, items that were last second bids which he clearly put effort into winning, and I haven't heard anything from him. I sent him an invoice the night that he won the items and I'm about to resend it as a reminder. I just don't understand what he was thinking when he bid if he didn't actually plan to pay for them. Plus he's got over 100 feedback...
Had a pretty decent shirt haul today. Went ahead and threw a lot of them on the Bay. Normally I wouldn't flip quite this hard, but I've got my eye on a new chair for my living room.
Like-new Burberry London button down. It's an awesome blue check pattern with yellow/tan MOP buttons that really contrast nicely with the fabric. Button-down collar Size is tagged large, measurements are: P2P : 24" Sleeve : 33" Neck : 16.5" Price is $45 shipped via USPS Priority. Please feel free to ask any questions or request any additional photos. Thanks for looking! p.s. - Check out my Ebay listings for similar shirts which I'll have up over the next week:...
Great condition Luciano Barbera linen shirt. Great summer fabric with thick MOP buttons. Measurements: P2P - 23.5" Sleeves - 33" Neck - 16.5" Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or make me an offer. $40 Shipped via USPS priority to any U.S. address.
I'd say it's most likely just out of true. I generally spin my wheels after each ride and compare the rim distance from the brake pad just to make sure everything is still lined up. If that's the case, it's a pretty quick fix at any bike shop.
Only stopped at one store today and had a pretty good haul. That's some thick MOP. The RLPL and Barbera button downs are great quality linen. All range from L to XL, which is a little big for me so feel free to pm me if you're interested.
Yeah, it was pretty apparent that they only got three or four advertisers and sold just them a shit ton of spots. The 17,000 Range Rover spots about made me kill someone. And I realize that they sponsored a lot of the coverage, but goddamn if that Izod spot didn't piss me off.
Timberland. I've got the pair in the middle and back right. Grey suede and brown suede.
I completely agree. Back when I was with the girlfriend she would love when I would pick up random things for her. And most of them happened to be things that caught my eye without even looking very hard. I can't imagine how many great things I would have found if I actually searched.
I picked it up as a one-off on ebay. I haven't seen any others like it online, to be honest. I'll definitely keep an eye out for you though.
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