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Fantastic pair of Florsheim blutchers in a great brown pebble grain. The uppers are in great condition and the thick double soles have very little wear (great for winter). Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or make me an offer. Price is $60 Shipped in the US. Thanks for looking! (Shoe trees are not included)
It's actually a gunmetal with a slight brownish hue. I expected it to be near black when I ordered it, but I was pleasantly surprised when it came in the lighter color.
Yeah, the mesh band is just absurdly hard to adjust. I've bent a few of the thin metal rods trying to open the size-adjustment clamp.The strap is the picture was a random Ebay purchase. I've been trying to find one in a 20mm for my Skagens, but haven't had any success.
I usually use a small blade, like an exacto knife, to stick between one side of the strap and the metal body. Then I push the springbar in towards the center of the strap and add a bit of force to the bar to pull it out of alignment. That particular Skagen is a pain in the butt to detach the strap initially. Once you get it out the first time and get the hang of it, it only takes a few seconds.
His wife didn't like it and "accidentally" donated it.
Absolutely. If I were to design a watch, it would be very similar to those.Fantastic design. I'd really like to see them expand simply so I can see what else they would put out.
I believe they're mostly intended to be used in the wedding printed materials/website. Just in case the people you're inviting to your wedding have forgotten what you look like.
Saw Trevor Hall with Matisyahu the other night. Fantastic live show.
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