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I have the small duffle in twill, which is the same size as that oil finish bag. I just got back from a 6 day trip to Charlotte and San Fransisco and used the duffle and a 256 briefcase with no additional luggage. I'll try to remember everything I had packed and which bag it went in:Duffle:One three-piece suit (rolled)6 dress shirts (folded)One pair of jeansOne pair swim trunks6-7 undershirts2 t-shirtsOne tie case with 4 ties + cuff links + watchOne pair of cowboy boots...
That bag is great. However, I'm not a fan of the leather snap being moved to the outside to accommodate the Harris Tweed label. I often slip things into the two outer pockets on my 256 while it's closed, and that seems like it would get in the way. PSA: Bonobos has the FilsonXSebago Olive wool and leather boots on sale right now. Plus they have free shipping and you can use the code "Bender" for another 20% off. Just picked...
A friend had "shoot a gun" on her bucket list. On her last 25 rounds she finally nailed it. Also, .40 FMJ has jumped up to over .60/round down here. And that's only when you can find it. Haven't even tried to find .380 recently. I'm not an ammo hoarder by any means, but getting down to a box of each in FMJ + a couple small boxes of home-defense FPD in each bothers me a bit.
Shane Koyczan "To This Day" Incredible animation for a powerful message.
Couldn't stop smiling -Bianca Giaever"the Scared is scared"
Nice strap. If you don't have some already, pick up a bottle of this to start the patina - Leather Honey Really softens up the rawhide and allows the natural texture to show through and start wearing naturally. In my experience, it only darkens the leather slightly at first, if at all.
Haha, that certainly sounds like a typical boozey-lunchtime conversation. "My guy was going on about some rum that they're no longer carrying - practically giving it away." "What is it?" "Fuck if I know. He acted like it wasn't terrible stuff." "Get me six of them."
^ Amazing. However, by the end I couldn't help but wish that he had planned the project more thoroughly before loading the roll. Images of both Robert De Niro and a rural Indian snake-charmer/magician on the same roll would have been truly remarkable if the other 34 frames effectively filled the gaps in between. One Hollywood actor, three Bollywood actors, and about 30 random Indian villagers really doesn't strike me as an effective or coherent tribute to Kodachrome's...
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