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Ah I needed my bubble to be bursted anyhow. Given how bad my prescriptions are, it would be another $150-200 ontop of that. Thanks for the reality check. What are your thoughts on Entourage of 7s? Found a pair around $400... I feel like I'm walking the same path but wanted an experts opinion to validate my silliness.
Anyone know if there's any online stores selling Iyoko Inyake? I found this pair in one store but am finding it difficult to find it elsewhere. It's currently selling for $550... which is a little steep. Or does anyone know if anything similar is available?
I was looking at a pair of Iyoko's that are selling for 550... Think that's an appropriate price? I've been looking around online and in B&M stores...but not many people carry them.
Are they an authorized retailer? Looked on the CG website and didn't see them on it. A bit hesitant given that a) CG doesn't really 'authorize' sales per se b) don't see them listed c) that price is very tempting.
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