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Look at what I just picked up from the post office (Leffot Alden Indys in Natural Chromexcel)
Question on sizing... what would you recommend on the 2045 for someone that fits in 9.5US in both Wolverine 1ks and Redwing Beckman/GT's? Also, do Canadian's fall under the international pricing?
Im in... any ideas on pricing yet?
Yeah, that's why I dont like speed hooks either.110 or 2045 really doesnt matter... so long as it's not on the 2030 last.
Count me in for the 2045 last.
I definitely like the look of the 2045 more. What's everyone's thoughts on Commando vs. Cat Paws vs. Danite sole?
I prefer the 2045.
I'd be in for that boot.
saw this on the Viberg blogsite... does anyone know which boot this is?
It's the Navy for me... too pricey for me for something that wont be worn too much. Looking forward to the guidi service boots that I think I read a few pages back would be on the site for sale sometime in March though.
New Posts  All Forums: