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I never picked AF as someone who would use a vacuum. That is what your maid is for. Tench
Quote: Originally Posted by SField They would all be reasonably clean but I don't think too many are at the level of a typical US chain which work at operating room levels of sterility. Wrong again, Einstein. Restaurants are not "sterile" at all, and nor are they required to be. How many restaurants autoclave their knives, or cover their work surfaces with sterile drapes? Know any chefs who wear sterile gowns?
Quote: Originally Posted by SField wtf are you talking about? Do you know who Escoffier is? Do you know when he wrote his book? God even Julia Child's book would tell you you're wrong and that predates 1970. Here's a hint, Einstein: when you appeal to authority make sure you know what the authority says Quote: Originally Posted by Auguste Escoffier Pour la Mirepoix: - 50 grammes de carottes, 50 grammes d'oignon, un...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Run that by Escoffier. Perhaps I should have said it was not common in published recipes before the 1970s. I have already conceded that celery is common. One recipe for mirepoix from a recognized authority on french cuisine is all I require to show that celery is unecessary.
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Lurk moar noob. Or actually read the twenty pages and see how off-base your statement is. Either way.... I'm not a noob, douche.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson lolwut. No, that's incorrect. By definition, celery is a part of mirepoix. Whether you value the flavor it adds or whether you use it or not is your own personal choice. lolwut yourself. I am surprised you have so little knowledge about your stock in trade. I said "celery is uneccesary" which is correct. Have a look at Gouffe's book (heard of him?) - no celery. Celery was not a common component of...
Celery is unneccesary for a mirepoix
Here is another approach if you are wearing sneakers
Can you guys get your tongues off the floor? 20 pages - wtf?
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