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Ballantyne off Yoox Appreciate in advance!
Thanks for advice! On the pants on the Yoox picture the buttonhole is in place. And on mine there was a tag with a handwritten size note. They seem like washed wool - 100% wool, very thin and "undense", yet quite substantial and heavy, not flimsy, and a bit itchy. I wish it was a complete suit. Putting a loop would not be a good idea? Can these be worn in heat? The fabric is very breathable both ways. Cheers!
Funny Lardini pants off Yoox. No hole or loop to fasten the central button. The cloth is exceptional, though.
Thanks so much sothbound35 and TM79!
Can this Boglioli SC be worn in the (hot) summer? In the description it says tweed, but doesnt look fluffy or rigid at all. Many thanks! PS Sorry for the pics cock up, cant figure out the way to retain original size.  
Wrong subforum, please delete.
Some of the items I deleted in panic can not be found anymore through regular search.
Since yesterday, half of my dreambox is gone! are they moving stuff to the "new" season category or some Chinese tycoon and bunch of his friends have decided that they are no longer brand whores and got self-educated with the niche Italian brands??? I am talking european warehouse yoox.
I shop on a non-US website, supply is from the Italian warehouse. Most of the time discount codes posted here do not work out.
I understand that my buttonholes are machine made (or arent?). My question is what is with this additional synthetic string that is sewn in on the right side of holes? Thanks!
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