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Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Haha, we're really one of the only places to sell them. I think that you'll be really happy with the price to quality ratio on these. The lambswool and merino styes are the hands-down best scaves for the money that I've ever seen. We'll get new stock and a few new patterns around early October. I'll second this. I've got one of the scarves and, while it's not the nicest scarf I own, the quality/price ratio...
Prior to the 1946 International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling, the truly discerning gentleman ordered his bespoke unmentionables from one of a number of small shops in London that specialized in crafting undergarments from virgin whale dork. I cannot say if there is currently a black market in these items (perhaps in Japan or Norway?), but if you must have the best, they do appear from time to time at estate sales.
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash Thank God I got in. I hate you.
Sold out in under 3 hours? Damn. Is there a queue for returns or cancellations? Quote: Originally Posted by HelloIDistance Debating on buying the shadow dot revamp, but my girlfriend said it looks like something a gay guy would wear. LOL. Fuck, I'm on the fence about this one. Pffft. Shadow dot is for amateurs. Real men get the washed red pants.
Hey Mike. Are the measurements for the blazers going to be the same as the measurements for the desmond sportscoat?
Quote: Originally Posted by pistolero seems new trousers have arrived! edit: and they're LINEN! Jesus H. Christ, I want these pants. *looks into bank account* CRAP! If the navy blazer (which I need) doesn't work for my measurements, I'll put these (which I want) in the cart instead.
It's not the money spent on idle luxury that offends me. It's the money spent on low quality brand-driven idle luxury that offends me.
Quote: Originally Posted by JazzyJay I found some great dress shirts at [deleted spam] The have epaulettes too. And the prices are way cheaper. Well shit. Shirts with actual epaulettes? And they're way cheaper? Mike, I think it might be time to throw in the towel. Also, been sporting the "go to hell" Reds at least once a week. My new favorite summer pants. Anybody on the fence should just man-up and buy them. Also, Mike, will there be a good...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rugger I'm young, can go moderate to high risk. Just looking for some tips. I don't make much so don't ask me why so little LOL I've found great success here: Seriously, if it truly is savings, and not money used for cashflow, I'd dump it all in an index fund.
I dragged my hungover, disheveled, and late-for-a-flight ass by Epaulet last weekend and was able to check out the fabric swatches for the summer trousers and shorts. Amazing. The natural linen and "washed reds" (is Nantucket Red a trademarked term or something?) were particularly drool-worthy. I'm not a shorts guy, but if the madras had been made into pants I'd have instantly picked up a pair of each.
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