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for sale SEXFHXRJB15 size 31 http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=68&products_id=734 Hot soaked for 1hr to get all the shrinkage out, worn for one day. These are just to tight in the thighs for me. My loss your gain. Selling for $295 shipped CONUS. International shipping add $30. Paypal as gift or with 4% fees. waist=16' thigh=10.5' knee=7.8' hem=7.5' inseam=30.5' (chainstiched at selfedge) basically brand new, like I said worn for a...
Wow, just saw these on there website. Looking at getting the natural vibram sole trench!
Looks like 40% off sale stuff goin on right now in stores and online. Anyone have any info on the selvedge denim that club monaco sells? The store i was in had a lot of both denim and black selvedge jeans for $129 plus 40%, looks like good beater pair.
ok, what's KL? Karma Loop
when's the deadline for this?
Lost weight and these are just too big for me Eternal BIG811XXX 32x30 Hot soaked twice, washed once. Worn off and on for a couple months $175 -> $125 shipped CONUS. Paypal as gift or with %4 waist - 16' leg opening - 8.25 inseam - 30.5' rise - 10.25'
Lost weight and these are just too big for me LVC 1947 501XX Hot soaked. Worn for about 3 weeks. $150 shipped CONS. Paypal as gift or with %4 Measurements (big style) waist - 16' leg opening - 8' inseam - 30' rise - 10.5
Lost weight and these are just too big for me. Samurai 710xx 19oz lot 14 Hot Soaked twice. Worn for a couple weeks. Professionally chainstiched $225 shipped within CONS. Paypal as gift or with %4 fees. Willing to trade for size 31. measurements (big style) Waist - 16' leg opening - 8' inseam - 31' rise - 11'
Sizing question on quoddy ring boots. I'm a size 7 in clarks db/ red wing chukka, what size should i go for the quoddy's?
I have a unused $100 Morton's steakhouse gift card for $80 shipped, they closed the one in my city so I never got a chance to use it. It's just a gift card but if you want picks i can send it to you.
New Posts  All Forums: