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hey sorry to bother, could i get the rise and thigh measurements?
Freeman Sporting Club -
could be someone has it in there cart and it's not updating the inventory. Had it happen to me, I just waited a couple minutes and closed out and re-opened browser and the item was added it.
Independence Chicago 30% off fall/winter 15 collection.
awesome sale, great pricing on the Canada Goose jackets but alas they are final sale items.
FSC end of season sale with up to 50% off.
Ok, that gives me a better idea, thanks again for the help.
thanks for the reply, what are you in sizing of other shoes? Trying to get a estimate so I can size correctly on these.
awsome, thanks for the reply. What are you in red wings or nikes/reeboks?
anyone have the Eric Boot? never had a pair of Yuketens so curious as how to size in these.
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