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I have a pair of RL Marlow in shell cordovan size 7.5...hit me up if you're interested. I can give you a very good deal
PM sent.
Looking for a pair of Warby Parker Porter Whiskeys in tortoise. New or gently used. Here's the link: http://www.warbyparker.com/men/optical/porter-whiskey-tortoise-m Thanks.
Does anyone know where else I can possibly get the Weeds Jacket in XS? They seem to have run out of the particular size every where. I e-mailed them hoping to make a special order but was informed that they all sold out. If anyone could hook me up with the khaki one, or recommend the place to go get one, I'd really greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
Yeah, the tag on the inside says New Standard. I'm just wondering about the country of manufacture since most APCs I've seen are made in either Macau or Vietnam. Judging from the $160 price tag, as opposed to the current $185, they may have been from the earlier batch, no?
Sorry this is a little irrelevant. Does anyone know if the NS were once made in Tunisia? I have a pair and am not sure if these are actually the NS or any other fit..?
Gant Rugger offers the hugger fit with the length shorter than the BB OCBD's.
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