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So... what data did you use to build the model? Surely not the same data you validated it against?
For those of you going on about this being limited to petri dishes... did you guys actually read the paper?
Seriously, though, you can either live somewhere around SFSU (Parkmerced/Lake Merced) or anywhere along the Muni M metro line which across the street from SFSU. I think a lot of students at SFSU actually live elsewhere in the city and take Muni to get to school, which you might be better off doing (if you can afford it) because the neighborhood around SFSU is kind of boring, imo.
Whatever you do, just don't move to CE. It truly is a cesspool.
These lifeguards work for the city of Newport Beach, so I don't really see the connection between this and the state's fiscal situation...
Don't care which colour, as long as it's black or Havana or tortoiseshell, just not red or something stupid. Pictures + measurements would be nice, too. Send me a PM if you've got them (Also, I'm also looking for wayfarers on the cheap, so that's a possibility too if you've got 'em. But I'm mainly interested in these two Persol frames.)
I don't really see the problem with this plan; actually, the top marginal rate probably should be increased even further. It just makes good economic sense. Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Will the increased taxes hurt economic growth? Yes. [citation needed]
Something I really don't get: you went out and got a BSCE, picturing yourself becoming a geotech or whatever, but at least doing something you love, and you do a complete 180 and get an econ degree. Huh? You mentioned that you didn't even go to the econ classes, and that you got into the field just because -- or at least it seems that way -- your friend told you you'd be able to get some kinda sweet gig. Doesn't compute. Either you do something you love (or at least...
Without additional information (e.g., in which industries these jobs were created would be a good place to start) there really isn't anything that you can infer from this piece of data.
Mulholland Dr.
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