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So... what data did you use to build the model? Surely not the same data you validated it against?
Seriously, though, you can either live somewhere around SFSU (Parkmerced/Lake Merced) or anywhere along the Muni M metro line which across the street from SFSU. I think a lot of students at SFSU actually live elsewhere in the city and take Muni to get to school, which you might be better off doing (if you can afford it) because the neighborhood around SFSU is kind of boring, imo.
Whatever you do, just don't move to CE. It truly is a cesspool.
Don't care which colour, as long as it's black or Havana or tortoiseshell, just not red or something stupid. Pictures + measurements would be nice, too. Send me a PM if you've got them (Also, I'm also looking for wayfarers on the cheap, so that's a possibility too if you've got 'em. But I'm mainly interested in these two Persol frames.)
Something I really don't get: you went out and got a BSCE, picturing yourself becoming a geotech or whatever, but at least doing something you love, and you do a complete 180 and get an econ degree. Huh? You mentioned that you didn't even go to the econ classes, and that you got into the field just because -- or at least it seems that way -- your friend told you you'd be able to get some kinda sweet gig. Doesn't compute. Either you do something you love (or at least...
Mulholland Dr.
IME, although bear in mind that most of my experiences in this regard are with Silicon Valley/Bay Area startups, so my views are somewhat skewed: 1) Ideas aren't worth shit. Execution (and funding) is everything. You could take the greatest idea ever to VCs or whoever and you'll have barely a snowball's chance of getting funded if that's basically all you've got. 2) Most startups fail because they run out of funding. Plain and simple. There can be a bunch of reasons why...
Take it from me: no, you don't. Do something else with your life that doesn't consume you with self-loathing. That is, if you want to do it solely for the money, which it sounds like...
Like other people said, it happens... however, if you're really friends, you'll find some way to keep in touch.
Why the fuck do I still have this belt of fat on my lower back/upper hips that just won't go away, even though I have a 30 inch waist at 6'5"
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