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"Koolaburra Lovin Life by Kettle Black in Black Lovin' Life says it all about you. Perfect message to describe who you are and what how you live your life."
Quote: Originally Posted by Blog Marley Where'd you find them for $25? And for the guy that asked I'll try to get some pictures of the grey brick soon. Buffalo Exchange. Damn near unworn, too. Wish I could know the story behind that.
Quote: Originally Posted by grooveholmes In the end, it was honest buyers/sellers on this thread that got taken. Sucks. I'd say it worked out pretty well for dantehh
Quote: Originally Posted by Lone Moon and Wolf [IMG] Patchy beard aka white trash chic.
The J Crew ones came crossed but normally just a regular knot.
^ Don't get me wrong the navy is nice, I've seen it get more and more popular where I live. I think it's def the "in" color right now.
Picked these up a couple days ago: Wasn't really planning on getting blue topsiders as I think they're starting to get a little played out, but they were only $25 so I couldn't resist.
Not sure about the spring courts sizing. Is 11/44 your regular size?
I'd cop if it were a medium.
Quote: Originally Posted by fueledbynewjersey 225?! LOL WHAT That's an...interesting price point.
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