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I saw a woman wearing the Vibram 'shoes' on the subway last summer. She looked like a gorilla.
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles If this is pair that someone was able to get off eBay for $50 like two weeks ago, then I hate you (I got stuck in class and wasn't able to put in a bid ). I've got a pair of the selvedge vintage slim fit jeans in white from J. Crew that I'm pretty fond of but I'd love to grab a pair of the RRL's That was me. I gotta agree with grundle's assessment, amazing pair of denim, so soft.
gentlemanly vintage RRL coat: seller has other cool stuff as well
36" waist, non-stretch, length 8-11 inches. Any colors or patterns. Looking to spend no more than $50. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester tried on drop crotch skinny/slim leg pants and was surprised how much I liked them. previously I was a drop crotch h8r What'd you try on? I've been thinking the same thing lately about some Shades of Greige sweatpants. Surprised how much I like them, though to be fair they're what I would call a moderate drop-crotch.
UES denim jacket if anyone's looking
Are the cords still available? Fit pics?
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice F310s, sized up one to 31 for relaxed fit Perfect fit man, you've just convinced me these need to be my next pair.
Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried the laundress stain soap bar? Link.
Nice stick.
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