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Looking for either a Schott 740N in 38, a Schott DU7014I (slim-fitting) in Small, or a Sterlingwear Authentic in 36XL. If you have one of these to sell let me know your price.
cape fit pics?
Mind = blown. Nice find.
So maybe the first step is to compare the way/style you dress now to the way you would like to dress, ideally. If you're not sure/don't know, some introspection is needed, as Lane suggested. We can only start pointing you in the right direction when we know what you're going for.
Jil v-neck sweater 46EU:
You're sick of wearing a watch for the prestige but you want to know if Tissot looks prestigious? Just wear one that you like and stop being a tool.
Recently started La Reina del Sur (The Queen of the South) by Arturo Perez-Reverte. It's about this Mexican woman who moves to Spain and becomes a huge drug lord (drug lady?). Pretty awesome so far.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Close enough, but I don't get the point? There are a lot of people my age who don't think current movies are all that awesome, if that's where you're going. I'm a big fan of subtlety and nuance, which is really not exactly Ritchie's forte (this also explains having 50 different scotches). I'm in my early 20s and agree completely. I like the Granada TV version best.
All seems a bit generic, no?
I don't generally like GTs but your pics really make me want a pair. Congrats to whoever got them.
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