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Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty you look like you have gills. Or a giant vagina on his chest.
Wasn't really trying to mock you, I just didn't understand what you meant by gender neutral, or why. All basics are gender neutral really: jeans, t-shirts (non-graphic), crew/v-neck sweaters, etc. These general categories are all I can really suggest without knowing what you like/your location/your budget, but it sounds like you aren't too sure either. Maybe try Levi's 501 or 514 for jeans? For the rest of those brand doesn't really matter at this stage since you're just...
Quote: Originally Posted by hanaie gender neutral
Quote: Originally Posted by otc bump anybody? Yes, its possible to get a peacoat altered. Look up some tailors near you, call and ask around. See if they're willing/how much experience they have.
^Take in the sleeves, rest looks good.
Just looked through it. You wouldn't happen to have any button downs left size S-M, would you?
Quote: Originally Posted by Froosh I tried on the 740N a few times but to be honest I didn't pay attention to the shedding at the time. I did notice that the wool felt slightly different. I remember reading on the Schott forums that the DU models use a different wool than the regular ones, so the 740N may not have this problem. If I get a chance I'll check it out again and let you know. Yeah, I've heard that too. Also the 740s are made in...
Sucks, thanks for the tip. Any idea if the 740N is the same way?
Quote: Originally Posted by Froosh Warning about the Schott, the wool's really scratchy and sheds like crazy. Gets all over your clothes, furniture, etc. Really? First I've heard of this. Did you have this experience with a particular model?
Was looking at the Schott slim fit peacoats and noticed the khaki color. Has anyone seen one of these in person? I'm looking for a camel color but from the stock pics I'm not really sure.
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