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Not really outerwear but I kinda want this Bless for just lounging around my non-existent fireplace in winter. Really nice pieces in this thread, keep it up.
^^Not to mention this thread:
I was searching high and low for this info last year and came up with all sorts of conflicting opinions so I can sympathize but, being now the owner of both G2s and B4s, lets make this definitive once and for all. Spring Courts, both high and low models, run true to size. If you are unfamiliar with international sizing systems, refer to the chart below. Half sizes should probably go up, but YMMV depending on your own foot length/width. Everyone's foot is different....
Anyone know what the leather is like on Palladium Baggys? Are they waterproof at all?
Quote: Originally Posted by noeltazz when is it appropriate to wear a bankers collar? Whenever you feel like it Quote: Originally Posted by noeltazz but i want to find a more casual application of it Don't wear it with a suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon had a guy come into work in the Bowery boots, red chambray shirt, low straights with huge cuff and a leather militarily style jacket all RRL. He was Japanese, not that it matters, and rocking the shit out of it. I really want the Bowery boot now Should have snapped some stealth pics ha. I recently kopped a pair of RRL denim off ebay. Not sure what year they are from but they are nice, overdyed...
Quote: Originally Posted by socialdtk Seven Years in Tibet is full of fantastic knits. Brad Pitt always gets stylish movie roles.
^うるさい, 厨房!
^^On your feet. But seriously, why do people have such a problem with wearing brown shoes? It's Fall/Winter, stick to dark colors and earth tones and you'll be fine. And use the red/blue laces.
Hmm, rereading your question I originally took 'decent' as <$200. But I'm sure there are better options slightly above that. Someone who knows more about combat boots comment.
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