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Student discounts always work for me in store, any item. Talk to the SAs, smile, be friendly. They will hook you up.
Quote: Originally Posted by casemods Do 511's work alright on 6'1 175lb guys? I have the same build, 511s look great. I wear 31/30, athletic thighs. They are tight right outta the store but stretch to your body to perfection after a couple days.
Quote: Originally Posted by darkdream I am thinking about getting a sport bike too. But shouldn't you go for the most protective gear over trying to be stylish? Especially if you are under 25 years of age (very high mortality rate). I ride a sport bike and unless sky's the limit for your protective gear budget you usually have to make the decision between style and safety. In summer depending on where you live and how hot it gets you'll...
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt Where can I get a sweater just like this, but with better quality and less ugly color? (preferably grey) I really like the heavy knit, the mock collar, the extra long sleeves, and the fact that it is button (as opposed to zip), and the fit was so good I wouldn't mind the fact that it's BR (it was on sale). But the color, besides looking awful, won't really go with...
On a pullover no but it's doable with a full-zip jacket with a hood.
Oh right how did I forget's late here. EU 43/ US 10 / UK 9, used or new at a good price.
Looking to buy some Spring Court G1/B1/B2s, US size 10-11, preferably in white canvas for the G1s, any color/materials for the high tops. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by casemods That's why I don't really like them. Plus I don't like them tight to the point that I can't walk normally. They are pretty roomy next to the 510s.
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