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Second on the measurements.
Quote: Originally Posted by bargecharge Personally, I'd concentrate on seeking out tacos and tequila and street food - D.F. is second to none in those respects. +1
I would also like a pic to see what you're talking about.
Quote: Originally Posted by golfham J.crew insists on hiring the most douchy models ever. I just want to punch everyone of them in the face. Been to the Rugby website lately?
Both shirts looked fine on you, just go with whichever suits your tastes more and you feel most comfortable in. Pulling a look off is mostly about self-confidence. I personally would wear the size small, but that's just my taste. Shoes no, belt yes. Btw, my own experience with the J. Crew Vintage slim-fit jeans are that they look great new but stretch out horribly over time. I'd advise to wash them as little as possible or hand wash/ hang dry. As always, ymmv.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood SF is a temple to Rules. I personally only use SF for refference on quality or finding an item I already want. If I were to follow the trend then I'd be dressed like a 35-45 year old guy, and at 19 I don't really want that. QFT
The black ones are way better, I have them and they are easily my favorite go-to sneaks. Good luck, and might I suggest you get the samba classics instead of the originals?
^ My legs aren't stubby, I simply don't like any stack on my jeans, except in black. This is very common with the 18-24 crowd.... I wonder what the average age of users on here is.
^ Well it all depends on the look you are going for. I do 32 when I want some stack.
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