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TTS on the converse?
that leather looks amazing on you, you look god-like in that second pic. hope you end up keeping it, cheers man.
Looking to buy my first denim jacket. How do you guys size yours? True or slightly oversized?
Quote: Originally Posted by VMan +1 just sent a message about sizing for this and received: The chest measurement of the garment in a size small is 47 inches and the medium is 50 inches. If that's the measurement around the outside I would say its probably more like a 44 on the inside accounting for the thickness of the wool. That's still crazy big but slightly more reasonable with heavy ass layering...
P2P and the length on the cuba tee? I need more t-shirts.
New four horsemen x viberg collab. Want.
Thanks for the code clarence.
Quote: Originally Posted by kylelovesyou It's got that "bad thrift store find" vibe. Or a horrible 70s 99 cent off ebay leather jacket find vibe.
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y Looking for a heavyweight wool shirt jacket in plain colors (no plaid) for under $200. Similar to this: Navy Surplus, google "wool cpo shirt."
Considering getting a pair of these. Does anyone know if they might have coupons/discounts closer to the holidays?
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