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This is no doubt one of the best point-and-shoots but I think you may have overpaid for it (it's on amazon @ ~$350). If you could come down into the 200s I would be interested.
Agreed, it takes away from the silhouette. I would like the jacket minus the forearm ribbing.
Sounds like you guys have been putting a lot of work into this. Much appreciated.
If those boots were a size bigger...
In all seriousness, I would be interested in a 16 or 32gb model if you have access to those too.
Yeah man whats the deal?
Cloonz is easy to work with and ships super quick. Buy from this guy.
Tortoise frames on the clubmasters, prefer white cloth on the purcells. Thanks.
I would've loved a pair of these in the winter ha. TTS or runs 1 size large?
Nice stuff here. I might have to pick up that jacket if it goes any lower.
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