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Lacy bras.
What will the workers wear?!?!!!!
Insaaaane fades.
I'll gladly retract my statement about not having to tip on alcohol at a restaurant. I never order wine or the like with dinner, so it's not something I practice. It's just what I had heard from waiter friends.
Fit on that sweatshirt is reminiscent of soccer coach.
Good shit.
Too much cardigan talk, not enough Beckham talk.
It's pretty standard practice to not tip for alcohol at a restaurant. So if your $150 meal was including a $60 bottle of wine, tip for $90.
Shirt looks fine, cardigan looks too small imo. Like the look though.
Quote: Originally Posted by ZhiMingBuFanDe Two questions: Say I see an ad that advertises an outfit I particulary like. Is it standard procedure to go to one of the brands stores, bring them the ad, and ask for the outfit? That sounds totally reasonable to me. Quote: Secondly, is it possible to convert a single breasted jacket to a double breasted? Probably not. The silhouette would be destroyed.
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