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This is my problem with Gustin doing nicer stuff - at $550, although there are far more expensive options, it's not really appropriate to skimp on stuff like feet IMO. Maybe it's their limited experience designing unique/non-staple stuff, but I'm hesitant to buy items like this when they're missing a pretty important detail.
I think short sleeves are a little deceptive - they cost close to the same as a long sleeve to make.Regarding timing of launches, I agree with some of the criticism but think it's a problem most company's that crowd fund run into. It's sort of a difficult issue though - if they launched the short sleeves in February, when it's still cold in many parts of the country, are you going to buy them? It might be difficult to get the same amount of funding for seasonal items...
this is why I think a cord collar could actually look awesome. Look at barbour's collars - the jacket silhouettes are different but their collars are pretty large, and are often cord/moleskin.
would love to see the trucker in a lighter barbour-esque/sylkoil type cloth with light lining, as opposed to the heavier waxed canvas traditionally used. And/or a cord collar. That's probably way more than gustin wants to do, but would look pretty cool IMO. Maybe down the line now that they're playing with higher end stuff like leather jackets.
Please release the camp pant in some sort of washed duck, similar to the shorts you're offering!
Still nothing on that type II???
I prefer the slim wrists but have weird proportions (and also like them tight, almost like a shirt)...one of my biggest gripes with denim-style jackets is blousy sleeves/huge wrist openings, which many brands do, unfortunately.
@mikegnthensome I placed an order on Fri and was assured it would go out on Mon, but haven't received any notification. I can send the order # but wasn't sure if there are other delays - it obviously hasn't been that long but I need to travel for work and was hoping to take my new item.
Awesome re: the type II jackets! I assume we won't get a preview prior to them going live?
Is the black type II collab still on track for this month???
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