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Another question: did you decide if you'll offer the Smith canvas in an olive-ish color that you were considering before?
New denim look awesome. Haven't been wearing much denim lately so will probably give these a try. Have you ever considered doing some sort of waxed outerwear? I remember the vanson piece you had but would love to see Epaulet's take on a field/cruiser type piece.
Any ETA on when the selvedge ducks will go up? I'm itching for a new pair and will wait for those if it's any time soon.
Are you releasing any casual pants other than the one bloodline khaki?
Are there any pictures of the work jacket sample? I looked all over the thread and facebook and couldn't find anything.
Anyone here have the waxed Harrington? Looks great with the contrast collars but curious how it holds up in rain.
People also need to realize that EVERY brand has production issues, even those that charge 3x what Gustin does. I can't comment on Gustin's quality since I don't own anything, but as Potsnu said, try contacting the brand before airing everything out. A company that believes in its product and has good customer service should gladly replace faulty items. I agree that there may be a bigger issue at hand if customers are consistently sending product back, but at least give...
Damn the potential for overdye denim sounds great (especially an overdyed black jacket...I know, I'm obsessing!) And MOSS or some other olive tone for the Smith reorder! That's exactly what I've been looking for and haven't been able to find in a fit I like, which the Smith is.
I'm always after a good denim jacket...Can you provide any details on the denim weight or if it will be a more traditional design (ie Type II, III) or your own take?
any plans for a denim jacket down the line?
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