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The blue flannel (first one shown in the news letter) will no longer be made into a shirt jacket?
Mike mentioned that the canvas Smith jean will also have a MTO option - when do you expect that to roll out?
flannel shirt jacket looks great, along with the one that was posted on facebook.
Yes! That is my ultimate denim jacket. I've been looking for a type II black/extremely dark jacket that is more than 12 oz or so ever since that Mr. Olive black type II did not go into production a few seasons back.
Anyone have recommendations for a plain athletic type shoe that is anything like the Common Projects track shoe seen below? Currently on a budget and am looking to avoid more Nikes/New Balance/etc. http://www.mrporter.com/product/377517?cm_mmc=ProductSearch-_-us-_-Sneakers-_-Track&gclid=CJnrrOSo6bcCFdGj4Aod3mIAfg Thanks
$110 for the N&F ducks.
Hell yeah, you answered my call with those duck jeans! Now to decide which color to try first...
???I had a little sympathy in the beginning but not after hearing the truth from Kiya.
I echo sridhar's comments about the inherent delays associated with presales as something you need to accept if taking part in. But, why was he charged $25 for chain stitching when it was supposed to be free with purchase (according to the site), or at most $15 if sending them back, since he bought them from SE?
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