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Yeah, not sure if the pattern has changed but the most recent samples (blue/black denim, waxed grey and some other denim one) all looked to have really billowy sleeves. Thought it was the model but maybe the pattern was changed.
I'd love a harrington in a tech fabric but unsure it's worthwile (financially) for Falcon to have them made.
I actually like the scalloped shirt hems....there are tons of brands that offer more traditional hems out there. However, I agree that Gustin's straight leg model should have a little more taper. The current pattern is more of a slim straight, though, so I feel like the thigh (and possibly knee) would have to be brought out a hair to have more of a traditional tapered look.
Mike or Dylan - think it would ever be possible for MTO rivets to have an option for patch back pockets, if I want something a bit more casual? I may be an anomaly, but I really like that look when i've seen it elsewhere.
Come on....do you know who else wears front facing zippers? [[SPOILER]]
Anyone pre-ordering the elephant 5 denim jacket? ~$200 for a 20 oz, well fitting jacket in a decent looking denim is a pretty good deal IMO, even though I'm pretty over the type III model. I tried on another N&F jacket and do think they are one of the few brands that actually gets the sleeves right, largely due to their taper. Blousy sleeves don't work when raw IMO, and I don't feel like dealing with them for the months it would take to break them in. Just wish it came...
It's basically a 5-pocket version of the officer trouser, if you have any of those. It's a good, classic shape (I can't do the stanton since it's slimmer than I'd like).
Might have to get those stingrays to avenge Seve Irwin's death.
Any plans to release a heavier weight chore jacket for winter? I have so many spring/fall jackets that I'd much prefer a winter version.
Because it IS a 5-pocket chino that was created for Target. It's their camp pant in a chino fabric.
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