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Any plans/would you ever consider doing a T-1 in roughout or something? Saw this pic on another forum and it looks awesome, but think I'd prefer in suede.
It's mind boggling that Mauro doesn't post everything to Instagram/his blog etc., yet complains when things aren't selling. Instagram can be incredible for a company (I'm sure we've all discovered brands on there). I get he's a 1 man show, but taking an hour or two a day /couple of days to update the blog/IG/whatever isn't really that big of a deal. It's a pain to sift through emails and have to check multiple sources for availability/timelines/etc., which is why I...
Awesome news! I've always wanted a sherpa lined type 1, preferably cord - very specific, but figured I'd throw it out there!
I ordered the black type II a bit ago and love it (or I will once it cools off a bit). Any plans to carry a type I, preferably without a buckle back?
@Epaulet Any updates on the hats you mentioned awhile ago? If they're still being made, are you only doing suede? A plain chambray would be awesome - doesn't seem like anyone makes them.
Yeah the mushrooms aren't a good look. Maybe if it was one or two, but not everywhere. Anyone have sizing advice on the task jacket? Interested in picking up the Chore one (regardless of buttons) and wasn't sure if it was TTS.
Exactly - I get that style often borrows from more functional wear, but to me, this is like someone just carrying around a motorcycle helmet without having a bike. I feel like most dudes probably put them on for their IG shots rather than actually working in them. But they're funding, so what do I know.I also don't get why these are offered much cheaper than the camp pant when the construction is arguably more complex. Edit: I think the camp pant fabrics were both...
Please don't tell me you're releasing more men's chore pants tomorrow...there's basically a full size run for all 3 stock colors. Now the camp pant, on the other hand, would be awesome in duck.
Agree about the slow shipping. I thought it was a fluke but it's been consistently bad lately. A recent order didn't go out until posting about it here and having Mike reply.
Any ETA on those suede hats?
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