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measurements look good...when do they go live?
Are the OD denim jackets still a go or were they scrapped?
I thought chinos were dropping today as well?
That's some good info on production. How drastic can the production costs be for different quantities? I know most factories have minimums, but is there any way Gustin is simply producing more and in turn saving money, even if the fabric costs remain the same? edit: To be fair, many of their shirts, especially selvage chambrays, are actually $99 and not $69.
Why do you think that is? Are you going to make any changes to it or just re-offer it down the line?
This probably sounds odd, but are the panels on the Good-Acres pants removable with a seem ripper? The work pant style doesn't really fit into my wardrobe, but I like the shape/colors/pockets on the pants.
edit: Mike commented
Damn, this sounds awesome in either fabric. Can't wait to see the sample.
If any of the size 30 pre-orders for the G&L jean don't want the new colors, please let me know! I'd buy any of the above 3 colors.
Is there a chance you'd ever allow for pocket customization with Rivet special orders (e.g. patch/jean-like pockets, flap pockets, etc.)?
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