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I'd love a 6 or 8 panel baseball hat in a blue or black chambray (the one in the photo is great, but I'm assuming you'd like to use something else). I'd really be open to any non-denim or super bright fabric, since you seem to have access to a lot of twills/waxed duck, etc.
Ever consider doing baseball or camp hats? There aren't many brands offering simple designs w/ a leather strap. Ebbets does a lot of collaborations, but you can't buy any plain designs direct. I feel like people would be interested if pricing was as competitive as other products you offer.
Please tell me it's in the pant below (they were washed canvas pants w/ slash side pockets and patch back pockets)
Both, I suppose, though price point would be a big factor and would guess that an EP version would come in about $200 (I'd still be interested if it was higher). Plus, I have greater access to Epaulet and can easily try them on and decide what's right. I actually think there's a lot more room to play with the design of a running shoe than something like a GAT or tennis shoe, so it would be cool to see Mike's take on it.
Any plans to do a basic athletic/running sneaker, similar to CP or Our Legacy? Similar to below... http://www.endclothing.com/our-legacy-runner-i-220849.html?173=278&gclid=CLm-4JmtncECFTQQ7Aodlw4Abg
Any non-denim pants coming other than the workshop chinos? (already backed a pair)
Also curious about this. Are the workshop products being made regardless, even if in fewer quantities?I've experience a lot of inconsistency with pants sizing - obviously this isn't intentional, but I'm a bit hesitant to order and wait a month for items that don't fit right. Has anything changed to keep things more consistent or is it just the traditional exchange if something doesn't work out?
Any previews of the new shawl collar supply jacket?
Are the new rivet and non-denim wilshire productions (from the new factory with more jean-like construction) still slated for October?
Since you brought up Epaulet, yes people are used to paying 130-185 retail, but that isn't with a rewards membership that they bought into expecting to get a deal. From an outsider's perspective, it seems like you're raising retail prices enough to keep rewards pricing in line with other brands' retail offerings, which doesn't make sense since the whole rewards concept was founded on offering a well made product at a fantastic price...$150+ isn't a fantastic price by any...
New Posts  All Forums: