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Do you guys only offer wool jackets in plaid now, or any plans to offer the Rover in a plain wool? (if someone already backed the wool project in blackwatch, it's hard to justify another plaid jacket in my opinion).
Hello, I have a brand new size small waxed Freemans Sporting Club Waxed N-1 Deck jacket. Very cool and warm jacket, but I sized down in hopes of a slimmer fit and it is unfortunately too small. They are now sold out of mediums. Their website measurements are pretty accurate, but I can provide them as well (as well as pictures of my actual jacket). Price includes shipping within CONUS. Retail is $650. Please reach out with any questions/offers. Thanks!
Mike, I assume canvas 5 pocket pants are out of the picture as well (or maybe something like a hybrid, such as the railcar denim flight trouser)? I feel like they're a nice casual denim alternative, but no clue how well they've sold in the past.
The top seam where the flap attaches definitely looks odd, like there's pulling at certain points. Have you contacted Gustin? They're generally pretty good about returns.
Yep, would love to see them in duck too.
Really like the new camp pant design and fabric.
I think they launched some pretty cheap campaigns last year (like $75 cone denim or something IIRC). Don't remember much about stock sales but they've definitely grown since then, so who knows.
Can you reveal if that black type II collab is on track for Dec release??
Not to derail the thread, but have you actually ordered from Ciano?
I think you just have abnormally long arms for your size if their sleeves are short...they seem pretty standard, if not a tad bit long.Regardless, new jacket looks cool but the unlined sleeves sort of kill it for me. At 6.25 oz they're like heavy garbage bags.
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