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Damn, most of my shirts will be unwearable with any shrinkage (they're already slims). Looks like I'll use the dry cleaner. @zissou did the arm width shrink as well? I may be interested in some of them if most measurements are consistent w/ a small or slim small. Just don't want a slim body with medium-sized arms.
Which chambrays shrunk? Just curious since I have a few new shirts as well.
Yeah I don't think they ship things out as fast as they used to. As long as it's here in a reasonable time (like within 2 weeks) I'm happy.
FYI - the current title of this article is "Denim Project Itay"
Damn, can't wait for those canvas rivets. Any update on non-denim Wilshire models?
I agree with Notwithit. I think I posted awhile ago that this type of detail does nothing for me since I care about fit, construction and fabric, in that order. By construction, I mean that I'd like for it to hold up, but don't need luxury details unless those somehow add to the garment's aesthetic. This doesn't mean fabric isn't that important - just that a great fabric is useless if the fit is off or the item goes to shit after 2 washes (as you described). I have a...
It depends on the rest of your torso...I have a 37-38" chest and the slim smalls fit me well. It depends what kind of fit you're going for. The regular smalls fit well for a slightly more relaxed fit.
When do you expect to get more solid or striped (or just non-fruit/character/pictured) button down shirts in?
Any change to the shoulders? I think that was the only thing that kept me from buying - the really slim chest/body compared to the sort of larger-than-normal shoulders seemed off (but likely worked for many others if it's being rerun, so I'm probably being nitpicky!)
What happened with the city coats? Haven't seen any fit pics and they weren't re-listed. I'm sure some forum members picked them up - how'd they come out?
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