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What's the jacket New York Islander?
I said around 200 with rewards...doesn't mean under 200 (and I'd spend a good amount if the fabric was great), and would put it at 400+ retail. But I edited my post to not get nitpicky. In short - yes I'd be interested.
Yes if the fabrics cool and price isn't crazy
Mike - You mentioned awhile ago that Rivet chino production would be switched to another factory, and they'd have more jean-like construction as a result. Is this still the case?
Sucks that they're closing, but I was recently wondering how they stay afloat. Their pricing has increased dramatically over the last few years (as many Japanese brands have), and they never seemed to have the dedicated following that other heritage brands do. I wonder how much more successful they could've been if they sold through other retailers or made a big push for the American market a la Momatoro. Chimala seemed to get picked up by a decent amount of stores a few...
Yeah all I see are pockets.
Indigo denim that's been overdyed black looks pretty cool faded - you get some shades of blue and great contrast in areas with heavy wear. Might pick this up.
I'd love a 6 or 8 panel baseball hat in a blue or black chambray (the one in the photo is great, but I'm assuming you'd like to use something else). I'd really be open to any non-denim or super bright fabric, since you seem to have access to a lot of twills/waxed duck, etc.
Ever consider doing baseball or camp hats? There aren't many brands offering simple designs w/ a leather strap. Ebbets does a lot of collaborations, but you can't buy any plain designs direct. I feel like people would be interested if pricing was as competitive as other products you offer.
Please tell me it's in the pant below (they were washed canvas pants w/ slash side pockets and patch back pockets)
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