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Received my jacket today and am extremely happy with the fit & quality. Not overly slim but definitely not loose. I got the olive and would be interested in trading for a brown if anyone is interested, but will keep otherwise. I'll definitely be buying more outerwear in the future - just not sure if I want a second waxed piece just yet. For the Gustin team: Will the denim version have all of the same details?
Hmm this gives me more hope that mine will fit...I'll find out tomorrow.
I know I've been hounding you about the OD jacket, but any time frame on when that will be ready, since these were delayed a bit?
Nice, hope you'll consider a black heavyweight version at some point!
Ok, my analogy sucked as well, since, with most menu items, I'd know the price of the food that I ordered and could notice if an error was made (which has never happened to me btw). All I meant is that I wasn't looking for a deal and had no idea the product was priced incorrectly, especially since I generally don't look at this specific brand. I was very cordial with the dude, but began to wonder what others have experienced in similar situations, and whether or not...
If you read my original post, I was simply gauging people's opinions on whether or not they would have made a big deal out of it, as I originally did not. Then someone mentioned the legalities behind it, so I looked into it. Not contacting them about it again since it's not worth the time/effort.But your analogy is off - if a waiter gave me a bill that was 30% lower than what I owed, and I paid and was leaving when they said "wait, wait, we gave you the wrong bill!", I'd...
After doing some research, it appears that businesses are not obligated to honor the online price if it's caught before packaging/shipping, and it's really up to them if they want to keep their customers happy. You might have some other knowledge if you're a lawyer (I think stanley is), but even some legal docs I read said the same thing. Not that I'm pursuing anything like that - was just curious if it's really a legal obligation on their part.
Think there's anything I can do considering I have my confirmation/receipt with the item and total?
What are peoples' thoughts on honoring online prices? I recently placed an order with a store, only to have them call me two hours later and say the price was entered incorrectly as $128 when it should have been $224. They offered be a refund or 20% off the item. Needless to say, I was disappointed, but also half asleep at the time, and didn't protest that much. I used to work for an online retailer, and we ALWAYS honored the online price, and the more I think about...
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