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I tend to side with retailers a lot since many customers are fickle, but I agree with rydenfan on this one. They list non-sale items with full priced products (but also put them in the sale section), so there is no way to identify it as a sale item if you stumble upon it in any other category. I went to the website to look around. Take a look at the Cone Mills Green Heather Greaser Jean in their "Jeans" section (for some reason no url is showing up for their jeans),...
Agreed about Type IIs looking bad with pockets. Will the type IIIs always have 2" extra in length?
Any update on the first round of jackets? I ordered the first olive campaign but eager to see how the first run looks.
You guys should do a heavyweight, overdyed Type II for your next collab.
If I may make a suggestion on the blogs - the content is great, but I would try to add more photos. When explaining fabrics/garment construction/other details, a picture can go a long way in maintaining attention and bringing it all together. Otherwise, I like what you're doing with it!
LOL, eddiemczee should earn a commission on that piece.
Any ETA on new dandy pants or are they coming in the fall?
The OD jacket get pushed back!?
Damn, didn't know the EPLA line was gonna be so expansive. Those oxfords might become my go-to casual shirt choice, and can't wait for the OD jacket (as I've mentioned).
How much are the chambrays?
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