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Maybe add a note urging people to buy according to the label (as in, if you have a 38" chest, buy a size small) and that xx% (assuming it's high) of returns are due to buying a size too small.
Isn't that a T-2 (assuming you're going by the denim jacket styles Type I, Type II, Type III)? type 1 generally has 1 pocket on the left.
Also took a chance on the henleys and have the same issue that others have reported - much smaller than the size charts. Also, really strange, but mine almost flares out at the cuffs - they're much wider than the forearm.
Yep, I'm fairly certain the "original" camp pant that was released a few years ago (had more chino/slash like front pockets) sold out pretty fast, and that was offered in tan, black and navy, all washed duck. I only remember because I was pissed my size sold out of the 2 I didn't get.
hey @mikegnthensome, now that you're back - any way we can get the camp pants in washed duck (or unwashed if need be) like the chore pants?
Not trying to cause a drawn out debate, but the item I referenced was bought full price. I was told phone counted as "in store" multiple times because of the way it had to be rung up. Only reason I care is because it was a $600 something jacket.
Just be careful guys, if you order over the phone they'll give you BS over returning it and make you take store credit since it wasn't ordered online...at least that's what they did with me, despite being patient. Killed the brand for me.
Try posting on their IG cause they're active there; Mike hasn't posted here in awhile so maybe they're having issues with their system again.Also, they have a live chat feature on their website (but it depends if someone's working it). Might wanna try that too.
I used to have more issues but my last few shirts have fit really well. The chart is a little deceiving at first (or maybe I thought I was slimmer than reality...), so I initially ordered a size smaller than I need.
Any plans/would you ever consider doing a T-1 in roughout or something? Saw this pic on another forum and it looks awesome, but think I'd prefer in suede.
New Posts  All Forums: