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When do you expect to get more solid or striped (or just non-fruit/character/pictured) button down shirts in?
Any change to the shoulders? I think that was the only thing that kept me from buying - the really slim chest/body compared to the sort of larger-than-normal shoulders seemed off (but likely worked for many others if it's being rerun, so I'm probably being nitpicky!)
What happened with the city coats? Haven't seen any fit pics and they weren't re-listed. I'm sure some forum members picked them up - how'd they come out?
Mike, what happened with the "Degraw" jacket you shared drawings of last summer (seen below)? Looked like a cool piece. https://instagram.com/p/sAZn0Wxn9c/?modal=true
Why don't you call the Italian predator something else to avoid confusion that will undoubtedly come with having 2 "predators"?
I don't want them to be anything other than what they are at their core, but as companies grow, they sometimes have to change. I don't think it's unreasonable for people to like their products but not want to wait 3+ months for an item (especially as wait times are increasing), and those are the types of customers Gustin could bring in by having some stock on hand. I'm not advocating for them to open a store or anything. but keeping a size run or two of some popular...
I really think they should expand their stock program to counteract the long wait times, similar to what Taylor Stitch is doing with their Workshop program. They could still run a lot of campaigns and either produce extra of certain items, or run completely different fabrics, and still do well with a decent markup IMO. I'd imagine that they have enough collateral to explore this after being around for about 2 years, but who knows.
[[SPOILER]] I generally don't spend that much on footwear but would absolutely buy a pair of Ironside Alt Wien.
Yeah, or one open pocket and one flap pocket (similar to Momatoro, Rogue Territory, Epaulet, etc.).
Josh, any plans to add another type of shirt or shirt customization options? Was thinking of something like a utility shirt/something with a flap pocket.
New Posts  All Forums: