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They're not cheap, but what's another made in the US brand that's substantially less and maintains the same quality ?
Agree about TS construction, but I've never had an issue w/ Gustin's so didn't wanna bash. Gustin has bigger cuffs but also offers an inner button, which I really wish other brands would do as I like them tight.
I prefer TS due to the fit, though I don't own the Yosemite shirt. Other TS buttondowns fit better than Gustin for my body type (doesn't mean Gustin's are bad though). There are little details w/ TS shirts that you're not gonna get with Gustin, but I think with the blackwatch it comes down to which shirt design you like.
Just get the Greats Rosen if you want a NB style plain runner.
I love plain runners/athletic shoes but those are seriously atrocious. Not sure what they're going for with most of those details.
Jeez, wasn't the deck jacket like $600 last year? Will there be a comparable (re: cheaper) version as well?
I'd imagine the fact that a lot of his production takes place in Italy is a major factor, but who knows. Probably easier to live there and keep on top of things than fly over several times a year. (there may be an added financial bonus if it's an Italian company, etc., but no clue really).
@mikegnthensome Not to drone on about camp pants, but seeing how the washed tan (and herringbone too) are a pretty big success, any way we can get a black/charcoal version a some point?
@mikegnthensome what's the reasoning for no sleeve lining on the Rover (other than maybe cost?). I tried one on and the fabric is thin enough that the sleeves were a noticeably different color due to this. Just doesn't make sense to me.
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