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Can you reveal if that black type II collab is on track for Dec release??
Not to derail the thread, but have you actually ordered from Ciano?
I think you just have abnormally long arms for your size if their sleeves are short...they seem pretty standard, if not a tad bit long.Regardless, new jacket looks cool but the unlined sleeves sort of kill it for me. At 6.25 oz they're like heavy garbage bags.
Pretty sure they released it in navy, tan and gray this season, which is 1 more than last, so I doubt it's getting restocked.
You're assuming she actually knows the full story. Think she reads these forums? Even so, if her english isn't great then it might not come across that clear. It's very possible that the only source she has on this is Drew, in which case he's clearly not going to make himself out to be a bad guy (or she just doesn't care since it funded their new business).
If anyone has the cone canvas chinos in a straight 30 and wants to sell them, please let me know.
And...? If it isn't exclusive, then why does that matter? A lot of brands use the same/similar fabrics; if it's good, it's good. If anything, this would confirm that they really are using pretty good/great mills.
I love the scoops since I only buy Gustin shirts to wear casually.
I wasn't trying to start a rib vs. non-ribbed debate...my issue was you coming on here saying "come on folks, pre-order..." since you/Mauro's sycophants are the entire reason he's had unrealistic expectations for certain products in the past. If he wants to be hands off with the new business model, let him, but having the same crew as before come around and try to keep the thread going isn't going to help.
New Posts  All Forums: