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I prefer the slim wrists but have weird proportions (and also like them tight, almost like a shirt)...one of my biggest gripes with denim-style jackets is blousy sleeves/huge wrist openings, which many brands do, unfortunately.
@mikegnthensome I placed an order on Fri and was assured it would go out on Mon, but haven't received any notification. I can send the order # but wasn't sure if there are other delays - it obviously hasn't been that long but I need to travel for work and was hoping to take my new item.
Awesome re: the type II jackets! I assume we won't get a preview prior to them going live?
Is the black type II collab still on track for this month???
If they're anything like the last series of jacquard utility shirts, the fabrics are sort of substantial, and don't drape the same as many other shirts. I prefer it as a utility since it's sort of burly.
What's with that weird/ugly seam in the back of the boat shoes? I've never noticed that before but maybe it's a feature of most?
Did those spring shirts Mauro posted a bit ago ever go up for pre-order? Wasn't sure if I missed them.
I sort of liked the random workshop items in the past since, if you weren't into something, there was always next week. Now, if you don't like a concept (like the telegraph collection for me), you're SOL for about a month. Maybe drop an additional couple items a month if you're sticking with the cohesive collection?I mean, it's always good to have more options, if you guys did biweekly workshop launches or something, but it's obviously not worth it if things don't get...
I'm likely in the extreme minority, but I may do the runner in gunmetal.
I was really interested in the jackets...until I saw the cuff. Why not a zippered cuff?
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