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I sort of liked the random workshop items in the past since, if you weren't into something, there was always next week. Now, if you don't like a concept (like the telegraph collection for me), you're SOL for about a month. Maybe drop an additional couple items a month if you're sticking with the cohesive collection?I mean, it's always good to have more options, if you guys did biweekly workshop launches or something, but it's obviously not worth it if things don't get...
I'm likely in the extreme minority, but I may do the runner in gunmetal.
I was really interested in the jackets...until I saw the cuff. Why not a zippered cuff?
@mikegnthensome It seems that you are pretty much running new products exclusively through the workshop (as opposed to stocking a ton of stuff) - do you plan to offer new men's workshop products more than 1 time per week, or is it going to stay as-is for the foreseeable future?
@sjmin209 Are those the camp pants? If not, who makes them?
And boycotting Falcon until Daniel complies
I think whatjones is referencing the old return policy, which I believe was 14 days.
I love the idea of an EP suede had but would prefer a 6 panel. For some reason traditional camp/5 panels in luxe fabrics aren't appealing to me.
@mikegnthensome - can you say about how much stock you guys order for workshop items? I think in the past you've said it depends how many people back the item, but it seems the last few products have sold out incredibly fast (even for items like the Rover which had a ton of backers). Can't blame you guys for not having enough if I forget/don't back something during the workshop phase, but just curious. The camp pants seem to have been put up early and are almost...
Damn, I really regret not picking the task jacket up. They sold out really fast.
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