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Any details on the new chinos in terms of fit, colors, etc.? I'm assuming they'll have slash back pockets and not patch?
I'm primarily interested in the OD denim jacket and care less about selvedge in that context as long as the weight/quality is similar. Honestly, fit is most important to me since so many repro/denim-head brands can't seem to create a well-fitting jacket due to their obsession with tradition. As an aside, any plans to release similar styled jackets if the denim one sells well (e.g., type-I, type-II), maybe in non-denim fabrics? I'm big on cropped jackets and am always...
Any plans for a pullover hoodie as well?
I disagree with dribas about completely eliminating the rewards program. I think a "1st time buyer's" credit of 50% off makes sense, at least for certain items. Of course, Mauro would need a way to track this since people would inevitably try to re-use it, which becomes an issue.
Honestly, I think more cohesion would help your line. For example, aside from the bloodline trousers, you can't really buy a full outfit from WvG since products are sort of all over the place (lounge pants here, button down there, expensive belts, etc.). Not sure how they're selling, but I also don't think you need belts/accessories just yet, especially at the current price point. You're venturing into a price range that is hard to sell, even for brands that have a...
No, it's absurd to not label an item as sale. Anyone that buys raw denim knows that fabrics are priced differently depending on any number of factors (you can see this with other full-priced jeans/pre-orders on Left Field's site, so you obviously didn't look very hard). Every other company I've come across at least lists "Sale" under a discounted price. You shouldn't have to check the sale page, compare prices, or be a detective in order to figure out if an item is on...
I tend to side with retailers a lot since many customers are fickle, but I agree with rydenfan on this one. They list non-sale items with full priced products (but also put them in the sale section), so there is no way to identify it as a sale item if you stumble upon it in any other category. I went to the website to look around. Take a look at the Cone Mills Green Heather Greaser Jean in their "Jeans" section (for some reason no url is showing up for their jeans),...
Agreed about Type IIs looking bad with pockets. Will the type IIIs always have 2" extra in length?
Any update on the first round of jackets? I ordered the first olive campaign but eager to see how the first run looks.
You guys should do a heavyweight, overdyed Type II for your next collab.
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