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Not sure how easy of a fix this is, but you should have rewards member access tied to someone's online account. The current method of only showing rewards products through a link in your email makes those exclusive products easy to forget about or lose track of - having them visible once someone logs in might entice more people and is just more convenient As for the denim, like someone else said, they've only been out for a few hours. There also wasn't much hype about...
When can we expect to see previews of S/S?
Any update on a new denim factory? Just curious if non-denim Wilshires/other casual pants are still on tap for spring!
Not in general, I was talking about the higher priced items after seeing the $50 T-shirts. I just said you're not going to get made in the US for cheap....my whole argument was that I don't understand backing expensive fabrics when they're are comparable products available without the wait.
How about Epaulet or WvG? Both offer comparable products in the $150 range (which is what I was referring to due to the Thomas Maison stuff, though I admit that was unclear). You won't get made in the US for $70-$80, but I honestly don't care about that enough to wait 3 months.
The price is because people seem to back anything Gustin puts up. It actually boggles my mind that people will back this kind of stuff, along with $150 Thomas Maison shirts and such, when you're looking at a 2 month wait. There are plenty of brands that offer made in the US products with great fabrics for comparable pricing to Gustin.
LOL at waiting 2+ months for t-shirts, regardless of quality.
I'd be fine with this if their sizing wasn't so inconsistent (at least the pants). Can't blame people for returning when your size charts are inaccurate.
Goddammit, I hadn't checked Gustin's site in awhile since I was away/busy with work and missed this https://www.weargustin.com/store/1314. If anyone got a slim small and doesn't want it, let me know!
I vote for the angled stripe on the runners. When do you anticipate those becoming available? And do you have any colors confirmed? Black is always my go to for runners, so that would be awesome...
New Posts  All Forums: