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I'm assuming they will since it's been restocked for 2 or 3 years (and they added an additional color, making me think it sells well)...but interested as well since my size always sells fast
Right. I guess the confusion (for me at least) is that he posts pictures of things and then we don't hear about them for many months. This isn't necessarily abnormal, but can become an issue when new product is infrequent since everything . Some sort of cursory release schedule would help, even if it's just by month.
Also, if your business model is changing to a more crowd sourced model, what will happen to the loyalty members? I imagine the discount won't be as significant, or will it be eliminated altogether?
Not trying to turn this into a big debate, but don't you think it's counterintuitive to just go silent for weeks/months and expect people to remember your brand (especially customers that don't visit SF)? Most of us acknowledge that it's a one man show, and as such, understand that new product doesn't necessarily come in as much, updates aren't as frequent, etc.At the same time, it would be stupid for Mauro to NOT give little tidbits on the forum and keep customers...
Any chance you'll run certain Garand fabrics with back pocket flaps, or will that only be an option for special order? (if it still is, not sure)
Think Roy will ever release outerwear, even if non-denim? He'd probably have an interesting take on some of the more classic designs.
That's pretty ridiculous...makes me wonder if they're just trying to make a little extra due to their low prices.
Anything else you can reveal about the upcoming season? Will there be a return of the lined shawl collar supply jacket, specifically in any other fabrics or colors?
Any ETA on the duck/non-denim Wilshires? The canvas Smiths are some of my favorite casual pants, so looking forward to these.
Mauro, I think you should have your website photos shot and styled more like justblaze's. Those pants look 100X better in a more casual and natural shot. Not that things look bad now, but it just looks better this way IMO (much like your previous look book).
New Posts  All Forums: