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[[SPOILER]] I generally don't spend that much on footwear but would absolutely buy a pair of Ironside Alt Wien.
Yeah, or one open pocket and one flap pocket (similar to Momatoro, Rogue Territory, Epaulet, etc.).
Josh, any plans to add another type of shirt or shirt customization options? Was thinking of something like a utility shirt/something with a flap pocket.
Out of curiosity, did you soak your denim before wearing it? That will often remove some of the excess indigo, though you'll likely still experience some indigo transfer.
I don't understand your concern - you say they offer the same fabrics regularly, but are afraid they won't be offering the navy in a few months? This is speculation, but it takes awhile for each campaign to go into production, so I think they "bundle" them when sending fabric to the cutters/factories. So, I have a feeling they fill several chino campaigns and then have them all sent into production at the same time, whether to meet minimums or just for convenience. My...
[[SPOILER]] I mean seriously, did he recommend wearing them to an interview, or say he's done it in the past? Is he trying to date your sister? Should people only be allowed to wear Gustins with wingtips now?
I'm interested in nailing down my Gustin sizing before ordering any additional shirts, and think the slim small would work best. I have some other sizes that fit moderately well but these measurements look like they'll work better. I'd be interested in most fabrics, and willing to pay close to retail depending on the condition. Let me know if you're interested, and what shirt(s) you have to offer. Thanks!
I don't think it's bizarre per se, but don't see the point in spending that much when you have to wait 3+ months, especially since you're nearing the price of many other nice brands. I really like Gustin's fit, but if I'm spending 100+ on a shirt, I don't want to wait. Hell, I'd rather they tack $40-50 onto the cost and just have a more robust stock program.
Millerain outerwear would be awesome. Other stuff sounds very cool too.
This. There are other fishtail parkas out there that wouldn't fetch the same amount or have the same demand as TOJ, even with similar styling/quality (no clue what TOJ's quality is like, tho). I actually think it would be stupid of Mauro to do something like a fishtail just because another brand had success w/ it, especially if it doesn't fit into his brand's image.
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