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To Josh/anyone from Gustin: If you are running back to back campaigns for the same product/fabric, do you wait for both campaigns to finish before starting production? Or do you put the first in the queue as soon as it gets full backing?
Backed the olive jacket -- been looking for something in that color and couldn't resits. Hopefully it fits.
You're right. Inventory usually does a run of plain Ebbets field flannels for the winter, which have adjustable straps (seems they might only have twills now, though). I've seen other companies that run plain ebbets as well but can't remember off the top of my head. Fair ends has some flannel baseball and camp hats, which are adjustable (but not leather). I'd be wary of them though; I just received their waxed olive baseball hat and the strap became detached...
Have you looked at Ideal Cap Co.? They took over cooperstown caps. They have a ton of blank flannels and repros but are about $50 each. I guess it's OK as a back up, though they might also offer group buys. http://www.idealcapco.com/ you can search by fabric on the left
Wondering the same thing. Hopefully they can at least adjust them for the next run or offer some other option. Long sleeves are much harder to deal with on jackets than shirts.
Damn, gonna have to pass on this since the sleeves look very long, even measuring from the center back. Everything else looks spot on but feel like the sleeves are going to be a deal-breaker for a lot of guys (extra sleeve length favors taller guys but the cropped body favors shorter guys).
Those cream Solovairs were cool. I feel like that style and price would have done much better in a more traditional color. Looking forward to the OD denim
Looking forward to seeing the jacket price. Hopefully you'll do it in a heavy denim in the future.
I'm generally not a fan of puffer coats but that Flat Head one looks awesome. Also, are the measurements for the engine red heavy flannel correct? It looks like certain measurements got shifted.
Another question: did you decide if you'll offer the Smith canvas in an olive-ish color that you were considering before?
New Posts  All Forums: