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@joshgustinI'd love if you guys offered some plaids or lighter chambrays in the workshirt fit, since that's generally denim or heavier. Maybe a striped chambray?
Maybe the woman who handles emails/CS is away or left? It was generally one person that's responded to everything I've sent. Did you try their facebook?
You have plenty of choices for longer tops - I'm sure you can find things you like elsewhere.
this is the first time it's being offered but assume the quality and such is the same as the full duffel.
Damn, tempted to give that trucker a try. Great value. Where's @gaseousclay? They gave him exactly what he wanted.
The waxed cotton that Gustin (and many other fashion brands) use isn't really meant to be a durable outdoor fabric. It's tough and can take a beating, but the waxing is more aesthetic than anything. They will repel water somewhat in the beginning but the wax wears off faster than something like Barbour, Filson, etc. I imagine re-waxing the jacket would make it more waterproof.
Anyone receive the lined trucker? If so, how is it?
I've offered some ideas/critiques in the past but also thought Mauro was open to it, since he's requested them previously. I do think closing the thread might hurt the brand since there's relatively little communication outside of it, but Mauro is more familiar with the type of hits the blog/site get. Look at Gustin's thread - full of complaints about their clothing & wait times, yet they continue to do well. Ultimately, people are not complaining about your clothing...
Received my bomber and really love it. The only thing that would make it better for me are pocket outlines to make it more "bomber-esque". Awesome piece as is though.
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