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Might have to get those stingrays to avenge Seve Irwin's death.
Any plans to release a heavier weight chore jacket for winter? I have so many spring/fall jackets that I'd much prefer a winter version.
Because it IS a 5-pocket chino that was created for Target. It's their camp pant in a chino fabric.
True. I guess the few places I've looked recently have raised their prices to reflect the weaker yen (so the pricing is pretty consistent with the usual~$700-800), but I admit that I haven't looked very hard. I'll give some of the Japanese retailers a look later today.
I wouldn't be surprised if each jacket counted as at least 10%. It looks like a great piece, but ~146 (which would be 5% per backer) seems like a lot for an $875 jacket in a design that is fairly common. No doubt the specs and leather are top notch and worth every penny, though.
Just echoing someone's earlier desire for you to offer the MA-1 in tech fabrics...
Mike, would/have you considered doing the field jacket in a waxed canvas? That could be awesome
Mike, will the M65/field jacket have ribbing on the inside of the cuffs?
Field jacket looks awesome. Just have to decide between canvas and moleskin now....
I thought workshop campaigns usually started on Wednesdays?
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