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I don't get the chore pants - they seem to consistently make it to the sale section, almost in full size runs. Are they really that popular of a product to warrant so many releases? Would love to see other pants in their place, maybe the camp pant or something similar.
Any way you'll offer something like the chino but with patch back pockets? It seems a few brands are starting to offer this but would like the fabric variety that you guys offer.
Did someone from Gustin say it's a surcharge? There are costs associated with keeping stock on hand (rent, transportation costs, etc.) that can have an impact, even at a relatively small scale (and Gustin realistically might have over 100 items on hand at a given time). Face it, every item that's returned/unsold is money that's tied up, so they might as well try to make a little of that back on their stock items. If you're really unwilling to pay a $5 difference to...
I believe the denim is sanforized, so shrinkage should be minimal (and will of course stretch a bit too).I just backed it - a lined version for the winter would be awesome, particularly with sherpa or fleece of some sort.
All 3 versions probably wouldn't fund, unfortunately, since denim-style jackets are pretty hit or miss. Everyone doesn't need to do a waxed canvas trucker. Don't you have some from Gustin?
Straight from the website "15oz sanforized black Japanese selvedge denim from Nihon Menpu mills."
Why does the actual denim appear to be different, though?Maybe they/the mill ran out of a certain denim and matched it with the closest roll they could? Just seems odd, especially since the description makes no mention of dual ID...
Any brand new products on the pipeline? I know you have a lot of great staples but just curious.
I'd love to see a return of these washed duck pants that had patch back pockets - Railcar denim just released something similar but they're pretty slim; Faherty also has a similar design but they almost look stone washed and are pretty low rise. You can see mine are beat to shit since I prefer them to denim (pardon the crappy shot). I've seen the Good Acre pants but am simply not into the panels.
Also interested in upcoming pants releases.
New Posts  All Forums: