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I think it's just the nature of the fabric/pattern. Same thing happened to my chambray version but I don't care that much. I guess you could get it tapered a bit by a tailor.
ok, stalker. A.) I've never bought those products from Epaulet B.) None of the items you mentioned were new designs under those labels , they simply updated and popularized classic designs (I would consider Filson's design more unique than any of these, though it seems Gustin changed their closure strap which was very Filson-esque), and C.) There's a difference between building a brand on copies and an established brand offering their own take on "classics".I already said...
My only issue with it is that this is like the 3rd item that they've blatantly ripped off (first was the Filson short cruiser, which they added a second chest pocket, and then the EG CPO). As I said in the past, I'm not outraged and this won't prevent me from buying from Gustin, but did make me realize they are more concerned with the business model than designing anything new/innovative.
Welcome to Taylor Stitch, where you never know how an item will fit. I honestly think about 50% of their products match the general size charts they have, yet they refuse to add product-specific measurements. I wonder how much they'd save on return shipping if they just measured their products, or advised if they're running large/small.
eh most of Gustin's non-basic products seem heavily "influenced" by other brands (EG CPO, Filson's cruiser). People support them for the business model/prices, not their groundbreaking designs. Still sort of shitty to copy, but I also think a lot of people perceive the premier brands that Gustin is copying as being better quality. All I hope is, if the price really is worth the wait, that the quality is better than the initial runs of duffel bags.
Damn, most of my shirts will be unwearable with any shrinkage (they're already slims). Looks like I'll use the dry cleaner. @zissou did the arm width shrink as well? I may be interested in some of them if most measurements are consistent w/ a small or slim small. Just don't want a slim body with medium-sized arms.
Which chambrays shrunk? Just curious since I have a few new shirts as well.
Yeah I don't think they ship things out as fast as they used to. As long as it's here in a reasonable time (like within 2 weeks) I'm happy.
FYI - the current title of this article is "Denim Project Itay"
Damn, can't wait for those canvas rivets. Any update on non-denim Wilshire models?
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