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@mikegnthensome - can you say about how much stock you guys order for workshop items? I think in the past you've said it depends how many people back the item, but it seems the last few products have sold out incredibly fast (even for items like the Rover which had a ton of backers). Can't blame you guys for not having enough if I forget/don't back something during the workshop phase, but just curious. The camp pants seem to have been put up early and are almost...
Damn, I really regret not picking the task jacket up. They sold out really fast.
I prefer the small collars to be honest. They're casual shirts; I like the roll and feel they look better with the top few buttons undone than those with big collars. Their products consistently sell out so I can't be the only one.
Weird - when have they launched a campaign on Sunday? Maybe they saw Gustin's salt and pepper canvas shirt and didn't want them to take interest away.
Regarding the upcoming Rover jacket in waxed canvas - has anyone had a tailor add lining to a sleeve? I really like the design but am not sure I will be okay with a lined body and unlined sleeves, so considering going this route. Anyone had success with this in the past?
Damn, #s 2 and 3 of the solids look killer. Will they be available with other collars?
Why are people so beat up about the progress indicator occasionally being off /Gustin manipulating it? If you like an item and back it, then great, you're still getting the product. This just means that the overwhelming majority of the time, you don't have to worry about your item not funding. I think the manipulation is partially based on stock items though, since sometimes people fund a product and it ships a few days later (even if it wasn't in the stock section). ...
I'm liking the new sizing to be honest. I was stuck between sizes in the past but now have a consistently good fit without needing to size up.
I have not kept up with this thread unfortunately - is there any plan to bring the T-2 back?
Are the pockets different sizes? The right pocket (left in the pic) appears noticeably longer than the other. I could see this being a reason they're hesitant to consistently offer it. QC is the main issue Gustin faces, and these pockets might create minor issues.
New Posts  All Forums: