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Any ETA on the duck/non-denim Wilshires? The canvas Smiths are some of my favorite casual pants, so looking forward to these.
Mauro, I think you should have your website photos shot and styled more like justblaze's. Those pants look 100X better in a more casual and natural shot. Not that things look bad now, but it just looks better this way IMO (much like your previous look book).
Agree with others that a simple "how we measure" diagram would be helpful. In this case, it might help move more of the chinos as well.
measurements look good...when do they go live?
Are the OD denim jackets still a go or were they scrapped?
I thought chinos were dropping today as well?
That's some good info on production. How drastic can the production costs be for different quantities? I know most factories have minimums, but is there any way Gustin is simply producing more and in turn saving money, even if the fabric costs remain the same? edit: To be fair, many of their shirts, especially selvage chambrays, are actually $99 and not $69.
Why do you think that is? Are you going to make any changes to it or just re-offer it down the line?
This probably sounds odd, but are the panels on the Good-Acres pants removable with a seem ripper? The work pant style doesn't really fit into my wardrobe, but I like the shape/colors/pockets on the pants.
edit: Mike commented
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