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Is it just me or does the field jacket look incredibly flared in the waist, almost like it's a womens jacket?
Only thing I'm hesitant about with the ranch jacket is the chest pocket seems really high. Sort of throws the balance off for me, if that makes sense.
True, and agreed. I just chalked it up to them offering staples (so long as they keep getting funded) and introducing a few new pieces per season. Rover was new last year, the submariner jacket this one, and hopefully we'll see more. @mikegnthensome can correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt we're going to see anything too substantial from them considering they seem focused on Bay area weather.
Anyone see the F/W lookbook? I'm not big on type III jackets but the new duck versions look awesome - might have to give the olive a try.
The cord workshirt looks awesome. Mike/anyone else - why do you guys like such lightweight jackets? Looks like both of these are 7oz, like the tan version. Would really like a 10-14 oz version at some point.
Any indication as to why Libertine failed (not just running out of money - did it just suck, did the anti-Drew postings have an effect, etc.)? Also doesn't make sense that Dan wouldn't have a clue. Even if he had no idea of Drew's intentions, I don't see why he wouldn't pop into SF and say he hasn't seen a jacket in xx months so people might want to hold off on ordering.
Is there any way you can reveal what kinds of outerwear you'll be offering for fall/winter? I'm looking for a few styles and was hoping Epaulet might offer them.
They're not cheap, but what's another made in the US brand that's substantially less and maintains the same quality ?
Agree about TS construction, but I've never had an issue w/ Gustin's so didn't wanna bash. Gustin has bigger cuffs but also offers an inner button, which I really wish other brands would do as I like them tight.
I prefer TS due to the fit, though I don't own the Yosemite shirt. Other TS buttondowns fit better than Gustin for my body type (doesn't mean Gustin's are bad though). There are little details w/ TS shirts that you're not gonna get with Gustin, but I think with the blackwatch it comes down to which shirt design you like.
New Posts  All Forums: