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Why do you think that is? Are you going to make any changes to it or just re-offer it down the line?
This probably sounds odd, but are the panels on the Good-Acres pants removable with a seem ripper? The work pant style doesn't really fit into my wardrobe, but I like the shape/colors/pockets on the pants.
edit: Mike commented
Damn, this sounds awesome in either fabric. Can't wait to see the sample.
If any of the size 30 pre-orders for the G&L jean don't want the new colors, please let me know! I'd buy any of the above 3 colors.
Is there a chance you'd ever allow for pocket customization with Rivet special orders (e.g. patch/jean-like pockets, flap pockets, etc.)?
What the others said, plus the fact that Gustin filled two campaigns of gray chores so people that really wanted the jacket probably jumped on those. I'm more surprised at how slow the denim trucker is progressing.
Any ETA or details on the next Doyle fabrics? I'd love to pick one up but already have a couple jackets in olive and navy duck.
Any ETA on the dandy pants or less expensive chinos?
I might try to re-wax mine in a bit. Someone from Gustin can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think this fabric (at least the olive) has as much of a coating as most Filson or other outdoor pieces might, and don't think it was really intended to serve the same purpose either.
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