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Picked up the shawl. Any chance the old work pants will return (i forget exactly what they're called).
Any idea when the USMC jacket will land?
Jeez, does anyone make type IIIs with a normal length anymore?
If that was the case then why would they change the tag? "Designed in California" is a deliberate change...not that I care, but we saw that the Hyde collection is produced in Portugal (I think?), so wouldn't surprise me if other products have been transferred to other factories.
Indigo chinos sound cool, as would olive and/or charcoal. Will you offer any other casual pants (like a 5-pocket non-denim material, chino with patch back pockets, etc.)? Also, did you rule against making the shirt jacket you mentioned a few weeks ago?
Damn, does this mean the duck/non-denim Wilshire fabrics you mentioned awhile ago won't be here until Spring, or are they already on order?
Rogue Territory just released a 13.5 oz lined denim jacket. There are plenty of Japanese brands that have lined heavyweight denim (look at Self Edge's stuff), but those are anomalies. Using a lighter fabric makes sense since you simply don't need the same thickness due to the lining...doesn't mean it can't/shouldn't be done.Edit...saw that you said waxed cotton. I'd have to look for that but there are definitely duck/canvas jackets with it. If it works for denim then...
Mike, would you ever consider doing a version of the rivet chino with back patch pockets, similar to Levi's "hybrid pant" seen below? http://us.levi.com/product/index.jsp?productId=16898436&jsessionid=hQ12JlbJWSNblphTypj17vLFVZqR77YFTr7Wl4x2HVv0bbW9NV2z!2078463405&&cp=3146842.3146845.3146858.13225273&fbn=16898436|null|null seems more brands are offering them, but the fit/quality of the rivet is awesome, so it could be a good combo.
Just because Filson doesn't do it means it can't be done. You can find a lot of products that are just as heavy with lining. Gustin could always use a lighter fabric if they're concerned with mobility and/or cost.
Think you'll ever do a cord supply jacket? A sherpa lined cord one would be pretty killer.
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