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Did someone from Gustin say it's a surcharge? There are costs associated with keeping stock on hand (rent, transportation costs, etc.) that can have an impact, even at a relatively small scale (and Gustin realistically might have over 100 items on hand at a given time). Face it, every item that's returned/unsold is money that's tied up, so they might as well try to make a little of that back on their stock items. If you're really unwilling to pay a $5 difference to...
Mauro, did you receive feedback on the rewards program from previous retailers? If your goal is to sell to other stores, I don't see how opening the rewards program back up is a good idea. If I was a retailer, I would not want to carry a brand where a significant (even if it's like 15%, that can be a big deal) number of customers can get the same product for 50% off from what I have to charge (unless you adjusted pricing all around). Of course, you can do exclusives and...
I believe the denim is sanforized, so shrinkage should be minimal (and will of course stretch a bit too).I just backed it - a lined version for the winter would be awesome, particularly with sherpa or fleece of some sort.
Yeah that washed linen is awesome. Hope you do it with another collar as well!
All 3 versions probably wouldn't fund, unfortunately, since denim-style jackets are pretty hit or miss. Everyone doesn't need to do a waxed canvas trucker. Don't you have some from Gustin?
Straight from the website "15oz sanforized black Japanese selvedge denim from Nihon Menpu mills."
Why does the actual denim appear to be different, though?Maybe they/the mill ran out of a certain denim and matched it with the closest roll they could? Just seems odd, especially since the description makes no mention of dual ID...
Just to clarify, are the jackets your samples or just something the factory provided to demonstrate quality?
Leather bomber looks pretty slick.
Not a fan of the long double rider type.
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