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Hey Mike - will the trainer return other than special order? I like my teak pair, would love to grab another.
Not sure if there's an official Ande Whall thread, but got an email today that Ande is closing shop in about a month (says he'll be busy with a friend's shop/art projects). He doesn't mention this, but there are so many options these days and an increasing number of custom denim manufacturers that I can't say I'm surprised. Might pick up another pair though.
Anyone happen to know if/where I could get a pair of men's elite sneakers (the older/retro version). They made them again a few years ago but I guess it was a 1 time thing.
What happened to the monthly Workshop production updates that were supposed to start? I have a couple items in the queue and am curious if they'll be on time.
I'd care less about the delays if Mauro was more upfront about production times. Don't say shirts will be ready at 2 months if it's likely/common to be much longer - even a warning that "Factories have been delayed so your product may take significantly longer than predicted production times..." would work.
Is it possible to just get a non-reversible varsity-style bomber? Wasn't sure if that would change the price due to no leather needed and such.
Is it just me or does the field jacket look incredibly flared in the waist, almost like it's a womens jacket?
Only thing I'm hesitant about with the ranch jacket is the chest pocket seems really high. Sort of throws the balance off for me, if that makes sense.
True, and agreed. I just chalked it up to them offering staples (so long as they keep getting funded) and introducing a few new pieces per season. Rover was new last year, the submariner jacket this one, and hopefully we'll see more. @mikegnthensome can correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt we're going to see anything too substantial from them considering they seem focused on Bay area weather.
Anyone see the F/W lookbook? I'm not big on type III jackets but the new duck versions look awesome - might have to give the olive a try.
New Posts  All Forums: