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LOL at waiting 2+ months for t-shirts, regardless of quality.
I'd be fine with this if their sizing wasn't so inconsistent (at least the pants). Can't blame people for returning when your size charts are inaccurate.
Goddammit, I hadn't checked Gustin's site in awhile since I was away/busy with work and missed this https://www.weargustin.com/store/1314. If anyone got a slim small and doesn't want it, let me know!
I vote for the angled stripe on the runners. When do you anticipate those becoming available? And do you have any colors confirmed? Black is always my go to for runners, so that would be awesome...
How long ago did you order? It might just be that your pants went into production, so the sizing can't be changed anymore.
Really don't understand the lapels on the city coat - they just look "off" and don't flow with the rest of the jacket. I think a more traditional notch lapel would look and fall better. I'm curious what made the Gustin team settle on the current verson.
Please no more project jackets...they have canvas in stock and have waxed canvas on the way (maybe it's me but it's just a boring piece IMO). I'd love to see TS's take on another kind of outerwear.
Picked up the shawl. Any chance the old work pants will return (i forget exactly what they're called).
Any idea when the USMC jacket will land?
Jeez, does anyone make type IIIs with a normal length anymore?
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