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Just to clarify, are the jackets your samples or just something the factory provided to demonstrate quality?
Leather bomber looks pretty slick.
Not a fan of the long double rider type.
Any brand new products on the pipeline? I know you have a lot of great staples but just curious.
I'd love to see a return of these washed duck pants that had patch back pockets - Railcar denim just released something similar but they're pretty slim; Faherty also has a similar design but they almost look stone washed and are pretty low rise. You can see mine are beat to shit since I prefer them to denim (pardon the crappy shot). I've seen the Good Acre pants but am simply not into the panels.
Also interested in upcoming pants releases.
Did you cancel the redesigned denim jacket? (I forget its name)
I don't think people are that confused by the actual neck measurements...it's that your sizing is by neck but your measurements are labeled XS thru XXL. You just need to change the labels on your size chart to be consistent with the product selection.
Have you considered doing lighter weight workshirts? It's a great alternative to the traditional button down; don't understand why they have to be limited to heavier fabrics.
Where is the poll for the overdyes?
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