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Bumped with dropped prices
sorry if I missed it, but have you previewed what the heavy flannel fabrics are for this year? (assuming you're doing them again). I'm still pissed I missed the navy plaid last year.
Anything in type II shape would be cool.
I have two brand new button downs for sale, both in new condition with their tags still attached. Sorry for the crappy pics, but want to show that I do have the shirts. Let me know if you want any specific details. First up is Taylor Stitch's jack shirt in light indigo, size 38. Their website measurements are accurate. I took a chance with the 38 and should've gone with the 36. $100 shipped OBO in the US Next is an Alex Mill chambray in size small. Pit to pit is...
Will the Degraw be lined?
I'm looking to buy both of the wool-lined jackets and actually think 385 is pretty fair. Consider what the same jacket would cost from a lot of other US or japanese brands. I could easily see them going for at least $500 from some larger labels.
When can we expect a preview...or will you at least reveal the colors before the jackets are available?
I'm assuming they will since it's been restocked for 2 or 3 years (and they added an additional color, making me think it sells well)...but interested as well since my size always sells fast
Right. I guess the confusion (for me at least) is that he posts pictures of things and then we don't hear about them for many months. This isn't necessarily abnormal, but can become an issue when new product is infrequent since everything . Some sort of cursory release schedule would help, even if it's just by month.
Also, if your business model is changing to a more crowd sourced model, what will happen to the loyalty members? I imagine the discount won't be as significant, or will it be eliminated altogether?
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