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I had some duck canvas pants that were similar to camp pants but had full chino-style front pockets - wore them a ton for several years. Eventually the back pocket blew out and one or 2 belt loops tore, but they lasted awhile. Also have some shirts from awhile ago. I suspect the specs on some items have changed, especially w/ the workshop model (e.g., the pants I mentioned had more bells and whistles than current pants - lined waist, taped side seem, etc.), but still think...
Boggles my mind that they don't offer more camp pants. The last round were backed really fast and quickly sold out.
Yeah, fabric this year is pretty stretchy, which I like.
I took a chance on the henleys again and they seem pretty long. Anyone else agree? Maybe it's cause I sized up since last year's were really tight. Fabric is great though.
Any chance you'll make the suede blouson w/ a zipper also under the placket? @Epaulet
Any chance you go back to the weekly release of workshop items? This is the 2nd collection I simply have no interest in (unless I decide to get a pair of chinos, but I have plenty). I don't really have a reason to visit your site when not into the collection.
Paulo Canali himself walked into the factory and took your shirt off the line just to mess with Mauro.
Haven't tried their jackets but feel the same way about their slim fit shirts - they could definitely be let out slightly in the chest/body. The arm to body size ratio is a little off as well (there doesn't seem to be much of a difference between the classic arm size and slim fit arm size). However, for some of the heavier fabrics, you may be good going with the "classic" instead of slim. At least I am.
Which are typically triggered by a plea from Mauro or one of his friends...
@Mauro Not trying to get into a big argument over this. We've discussed the same thing in the past, and you even admitted that the majority of your customers care most about fit and construction (quality) more than little details like a handsewn placket. That said, I appreciate those kinds of things; however, when it's being applied to something like a henley that's going to primarily be used for layering, I'd far rather have the garment sooner than wait another several...
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