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I get that Mauro probably didn't want to deal with criticism/backlash on here but don't understand how this is going to be better for business. Obviously, plenty of brands flourish outside of SF but I rarely see WvG mentioned anywhere (hell, his IG isn't even linked to the website), and I don't see how it's enough to just be an Italian Gustin/TS. (and yes, I get that he claims SFers made up a small % of customers, but this site gets a ton of traffic...just cause someone...
Willing to post fit pics?
Can you reveal if the waxed jacket will be an existing design or something new (ie project jacket)?
So are the black Yoshiwa denim jackets unsanforized? The jeans say they are, but the jacket page has a shrinkage warning. Are you assuming they're unsanforized because there's shrinkage? Just curious since I thought they were the same denim.
@Epaulet, not sure you saw this before, but any way folks could add patch back pockets to future MTM rivet chinos or would that require a different pattern?
I'm not from TS, but I think this is pretty common with outerwear, especially without a ribbed cuff. Shirts have cuffs and therefore stack somewhat (obviously a perfect or MTM fit would not have much, but many off the rack do), so a shirt sleeve is more accommodating. Jackets, on the other hand, are more similar to pants in that they need a clean break....sure, you can cuff a jacket, but wouldn't you prefer a proper drape that doesn't envelope your hands? Unless a...
I think people understand these things happen, especially with TS's current model - but the least they could do is put a warning/expected ship date on the product page if it's not in stock or very inconsistent with their size charts, which has happened (the item in question still appears as if they have it on hand).
Does anyone have pictures of their city coat? I feel like I'd never know that it existed if not for seeing the previous campaigns...haven't seen any customer pictures.
Love the rounded collar on the Essex.
@taylorstitch Oh wow, awesome. Looks like this is early? Please release a version of the chore pant without panels! I'd love to have a more rugged pant like that that don't look like work/carpenter pants.
New Posts  All Forums: