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Do you plan on showing any F/W teasers? Interested in the chinos/other pants you have planned.
Yeah I can't do that; the next size down is too small for me.
For people that own both slim and classic versions of the same size, are the arms any different? All I own are slims and am afraid the classic might be bigger than I'd like.
Awesome to see you'll be making a trainer. Please offer it in black!
@joshgustinI'd love if you guys offered some plaids or lighter chambrays in the workshirt fit, since that's generally denim or heavier. Maybe a striped chambray?
His website clearly states that exchanges need to take place within 10 days as well as who to email..
Maybe the woman who handles emails/CS is away or left? It was generally one person that's responded to everything I've sent. Did you try their facebook?
You have plenty of choices for longer tops - I'm sure you can find things you like elsewhere.
this is the first time it's being offered but assume the quality and such is the same as the full duffel.
I'll be completely honest - not really into that jacket design. Maybe it's the houndstooth like a previous user said...
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