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Field jacket looks awesome. Just have to decide between canvas and moleskin now....
I thought workshop campaigns usually started on Wednesdays?
Awesome, that's some of the best news (clothing wise) I've heard in awhile! Do you anticipate a fall release or will it be spring?
Do any brands you carry make a black type II? I love the Sugarcane design but a black version is one of my grail pieces.
So is the denim Good Acre pant the chore pant?
Nothing in particular - just meant something with different details than a chino (maybe a 5-pocket pant in non-denim or some sort of hybrid denim/chino pant). I thought your sketch previews showed some pants that looked different than chinos and jeans and wasn't sure, but they may have been for SS16.
Do you have any casual pants planned other than the chinos? Also love my overdyed oxford, one of my favorites so far.
Pretty sure it depends on how close an item is to being funded...I remember a pair of chinos that only got to like 40 or 50% and I don't think they were made.
Do you have any plans to release another utility shirt? Loved my indigo jacquard dot version and it was unfortunately ruined...would love to replace it!
I don't get the chore pants - they seem to consistently make it to the sale section, almost in full size runs. Are they really that popular of a product to warrant so many releases? Would love to see other pants in their place, maybe the camp pant or something similar.
New Posts  All Forums: