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Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL Here's a quick pic courtesy of Bryan at LSBH: (I'm pretty sure the color is off...#4 is darker than this picture.) aim for all ur pics to be that size/quality!
i want to reduce my thigh circumference, will running help me do it?
Alden Tankers.
kiya if i were to get 1 denim jacket with a $600 budget what would u recommend?
how about the difference between horsehide and calf?
can someone comment on lanvin's quality?
Interested as well...
id love to tuck in my ocbds but it just looks weird. i think i have a short torso or something so i guess that means ill have to find lower rise trousers/jeans to make my torso look longer when i tuck it in.
look like spring courts
anyone else notice that styleforum was on gekko's computer?
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