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this thread needs action =(
I'm the last person to call Seiko a poor man's watch, because basically, they're at the height of MY personal price range. But people around here consider $1k watches poor man.But in a more accurate sense, that is what it is, a PMMM, known amongst Seiko folk as a Poor Man's Marine Master. One of my favorite (and most expensive) watches.
A 'poor man' watch if there was one
Question: what's the situation with Jack Purcell Racearounds and rain? would the water ruin those suedey patches along the sides?
I tend to be more like this. Even if my hands aren't that dirty, might as well freshen up. And I'm definitely NOT any kind of OCD neat freak. Just common courtesy. Our DM shows up at random times, and I don't relish the idea of taking a piss and then having to shake his hand w/o washing. I mean actually that'd be awesome, but I'm not a douche like that.
I'm talking about people taking a shit.
Where I work, I see people all the time in the bathrooms do their biz-- and then straight up leave. Not even a GLANCE at the sinks. That's so gross. Even saw my boss' brother skip the sink. Ugh. Putting a folded piece of TP in the door lock is nothing compared to that.
If I posted pics of white socks in sneakers, would people commit suicide?
My monthly Converse thread post: From about 2009-2011 I got obsessed with kicks. For some reason I went crazy and kept buying shoes. Largely Vans, Chucks, a couple PF Flyers, Jack Purcells... Half of them I've still only worn a handful of times. Near the end of that obsession I started really liking these Converse Skidgrips. They are basically like slip-on Vans, but they are Converse. The construction is slightly thinner than Vans, and these are easier to slip on and less...
Yes for work. In casual situations I don't *need* one. I'm sure some guys can pull it off w/o one, but to suggest people are slovenly because of it is a little out there. Some guys would be doing the people around them a huge disservice going around without one.
New Posts  All Forums: