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I would avoid Fossil and Nixon and any other names that are known for fashion (Armani, etc). They make OK looking watches, that will probably look good and run good for a while. But they are basically cheap quartz in a fancy package that if you are like a lot of people you'll eventually put in a drawer when it dies and never get the battery changed. You're paying for their logo on the watch mostly and the watch won't be a performance piece. Seiko makes numerous...
This was random...I went to ROSS for Less this afternoon because I'm cheap and I just wanted a pair of grey khaki/canvas shorts. Of course it's somewhat hot lately and we can still get the occasional hot week here through September and October (ah who am I kidding, shorts are OK year round mostly). So I grabbed a pair, not much selection, but I got them. Was just getting sick of my white and white plaid shorts I've been rotating for the summer and wanted something...
Right after I purchase black leather Purcells, zappos puts up gray leather? glad I love the black good enough, I might have had a dilemma on my hands.
Futurama is plebian level show =)
Lol it's 'poor man's watch thread' not 'rich man's cheap watch thread'... haha.
I personally consider 200/300 getting to be pretty expensive for a watch. I'm not wealthy by any stretch and nor does it seem like I will be in the future. =)
I have this in black. A lot of people don't like the nylon strap... I think it's OK but I've mostly worn it on other straps. I love this watch but it's mostly not in my rotation at all. There's nothing wrong with it, I just prefer my divers 99% of the time. I haven't worn it in a while, but maybe I'll bust it out sometime soon.EDIT: new pic
So these just showed up. I guess my suspicions are correct that JP's kinda went through a re-design in the past year or two. It looks like the 'smile' is constructed differently, and the white sole is not actually *white*. It's got a slight tint to it, so it's not that super bright white rubber like how my black canvas JPs originally were when I bought them 2.5 years ago. But I actually like the dulled white, I'm not a fan of super bright white which is why I like to have...
I hadn't bought a pair of shoes for a few months now, I just have way too many and some of them I barely wear. Yet somehow I was able to convince myself I needed a pair of Jack Purcell black leathers. I've held off on the leather for at least a year now, but I broke.
Same Seiko, on leather NATO I know the brown leather/black dial thing is a no-no for a lot of folks, but whatever. I like it. (I'm not even referring to last few posts, it's pretty universal haha)
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