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I personally consider 200/300 getting to be pretty expensive for a watch. I'm not wealthy by any stretch and nor does it seem like I will be in the future. =)
I have this in black. A lot of people don't like the nylon strap... I think it's OK but I've mostly worn it on other straps. I love this watch but it's mostly not in my rotation at all. There's nothing wrong with it, I just prefer my divers 99% of the time. I haven't worn it in a while, but maybe I'll bust it out sometime soon.EDIT: new pic
So these just showed up. I guess my suspicions are correct that JP's kinda went through a re-design in the past year or two. It looks like the 'smile' is constructed differently, and the white sole is not actually *white*. It's got a slight tint to it, so it's not that super bright white rubber like how my black canvas JPs originally were when I bought them 2.5 years ago. But I actually like the dulled white, I'm not a fan of super bright white which is why I like to have...
I hadn't bought a pair of shoes for a few months now, I just have way too many and some of them I barely wear. Yet somehow I was able to convince myself I needed a pair of Jack Purcell black leathers. I've held off on the leather for at least a year now, but I broke.
Same Seiko, on leather NATO I know the brown leather/black dial thing is a no-no for a lot of folks, but whatever. I like it. (I'm not even referring to last few posts, it's pretty universal haha)
Converse you are supposed to size low, but I'm hesitant to say that because I don't think these would be made the same way all the off-the-line chucks are made, would they? Right now in typical Chucks I'm a 9 (where 10 years ago I was a 10). For VANS slip-ons I wear 10. My pair of Clarks rotor beats are 9.5, all my Jack Purcells are 9.5, all my Converse skidgrips are 9.5. In contrast, I have 2 pairs of John Varvatos Chucks in 9.5 and they are noticeably bigger than the...
It's a Seiko SKX007 with some mods: dial from an SKX171 aftermarket second hand triple-grip bezel 'superdome' bezel insert/sapphire crystal kit the bracelet is from an SRP227.
this thread needs action =(
I'm the last person to call Seiko a poor man's watch, because basically, they're at the height of MY personal price range. But people around here consider $1k watches poor man.But in a more accurate sense, that is what it is, a PMMM, known amongst Seiko folk as a Poor Man's Marine Master. One of my favorite (and most expensive) watches.
A 'poor man' watch if there was one
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