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Hey me, me again talking to myself... I think/hope this is my last shoe need for awhile, but somewhere in the past couple months the need for some Converse skidgrip/CVO's came about. Never really been into this style of shoe (think I had a pair of the Payless version in 6th grade) but decided it's a good general look. Converse doesn't seem to sell many types right now, so I had to google them to find the more subtle style I was looking for. I initially bought a pair of...
And a lot of other watches as well. Most of my Seiko are on nylon, which lasts longer and is stronger than leather. Not knocking leather's uses however.
You could probably have it modded with hands more like the ones on the Omega. There are tons of aftermarket parts for modding Seiko 5s.
You could probably use 20mm and it would probably look a little better than going 18. An imperceptible squish is better than possible gap.
Don't get me wrong... I still have a few Fossils I keep. I haven't worn them in forever, but I do still have a couple that I keep running... I have another handful of them somewhere in storage that I haven't seen in at least 6 or 7 years. They are OK, I'd like to see them again... I just ended up getting hooked more on autos and divers and really shifted my focus. I still have a few quartzes and a digital.I guess in a lot of ways they are really good poorman watches, haha....
I would avoid Fossil and Nixon and any other names that are known for fashion (Armani, etc). They make OK looking watches, that will probably look good and run good for a while. But they are basically cheap quartz in a fancy package that if you are like a lot of people you'll eventually put in a drawer when it dies and never get the battery changed. You're paying for their logo on the watch mostly and the watch won't be a performance piece. Seiko makes numerous...
This was random...I went to ROSS for Less this afternoon because I'm cheap and I just wanted a pair of grey khaki/canvas shorts. Of course it's somewhat hot lately and we can still get the occasional hot week here through September and October (ah who am I kidding, shorts are OK year round mostly). So I grabbed a pair, not much selection, but I got them. Was just getting sick of my white and white plaid shorts I've been rotating for the summer and wanted something...
Right after I purchase black leather Purcells, zappos puts up gray leather? glad I love the black good enough, I might have had a dilemma on my hands.
Futurama is plebian level show =)
Lol it's 'poor man's watch thread' not 'rich man's cheap watch thread'... haha.
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