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A lot of the dressier ones use the 18mm. There might be more selection for 20mm, but the good news is 99% of the time you can squeeze a 20mm strap into an 18mm watch and it usually looks fine.
I just think what you like/want should supersede any 'rules' you see on the subject. Something can be 'wrong', and still look amazing. If you don't think it works, don't wear it. Odds are if you wear it to work for just one day, no one will even notice it, let alone comment/critique it.For me, I stay away from dressy watches almost completely, so I'm technically the last person who should be talking anyway. I wear watches to work that most guys here wouldn't be caught dead...
Meh, try it out. What's the worst that could happen?
Would you let other people's opinions get in the way of something you want to wear?
soooo glad someone else thinks this
Here it is. Crown&Buckle leather nato, 22mm, dark brown (not the color I linked). Looks like they are pretty low on 18mm Nato selection. But then again just google 18mm leather nato and check out the options. There are leather natos from like $15 all the way up to like $300, hand made out of crazy special leathers and shit. bought a 22mm one and I'm pretty sure I posted pics of it a couple months back. Will have to dig up...
I have the J model as well. There's no extra quality in it over a K model (outside Japan designation). That's pretty much just a myth. On mine it says MADE IN JAPAN on tiny print on the dial and the alternate language is Arabic.
Damn, that too. I thought I'd heard that as well but I guess I'd forgotten.
Not 100% sure but I think that's one of the kinds you would need to get from Seiya or Higuchi (two highly respected Japanese watch vendors) or the Watchuseek sales forum. I don't think you can buy them new in the US. Has to be overseas I think.
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