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Here it is. Crown&Buckle leather nato, 22mm, dark brown (not the color I linked). Looks like they are pretty low on 18mm Nato selection. But then again just google 18mm leather nato and check out the options. There are leather natos from like $15 all the way up to like $300, hand made out of crazy special leathers and shit.
http://www.crownandbuckle.com/straps-by-size/18mm-straps/leather-nato-18mm-rouille.htmlI bought a 22mm one and I'm pretty sure I posted pics of it a couple months back. Will have to dig up...
I have the J model as well. There's no extra quality in it over a K model (outside Japan designation). That's pretty much just a myth. On mine it says MADE IN JAPAN on tiny print on the dial and the alternate language is Arabic.
Damn, that too. I thought I'd heard that as well but I guess I'd forgotten.
Not 100% sure but I think that's one of the kinds you would need to get from Seiya or Higuchi (two highly respected Japanese watch vendors) or the Watchuseek sales forum. I don't think you can buy them new in the US. Has to be overseas I think.
Looks good, I just wish those 5's were a tiny bit bigger, I think those are like 37-39mm? Wish they were 40-41mm
Just a month ago I recently took up longboaring (not surfing, that's still a dream, but the larger, longer skateboards) and I love it. I'm pretty much at the level I set out to achieve; just being able to cruise/maneuver around my neighborhood at a decent pace. Once the weather gets a little cooler I'm gonna try commuting to work, just a mile/1.5 away. It's making me very happy lately!
oh yea, much better word to use probably. still got similar results using woven though. =)
Google "woven leather watch strap" and click Shopping.
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