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Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy zappos offers free fast ass shipping and free returns...so try em on and decide if u like em http://www.zappos.com/jack-purcell Hehe, they'd be as good as ordered if they have Navy in 9.5, apparently they're out =(
I've been looking for the Jack Purcell boat shoe... I thought it was supposed to be out now, but I can't seem to find it in any stores... Checked Nordstrom, Macys, Urban Outfitters, Eilatan... all these places should have them. It's wierd because they seem to be available from several on-line retailers. The main reason I'm looking in-store is because I want to actually see them before deciding. I'm not worried about ordering online because of fit, but I want to actually...
I'm weird when it comes to white canvas. I don't own any white canvas, because I don't want them to get dirty. But I only like them when they get REALLY dirty. To make it simpler I just stay away from it. =)
Quote: Originally Posted by docgerrard Anyone have any opinions on Chuck Taylors v. Center His? They are similar enough that it comes down to you. The PF's have a removable insert with arch support, Chucks are flat on bottom. I find both comfortable enough; though I have the Center Hi's in leather (my canvas PF's are Cousy which you ruled out). I'm somewhat positive they are identical except in material. And you can probably run in them, but...
op: Since it's 'just' the internet and not an actual social experience, I don't see a problem in conforming to the standards of the forum in order to get what I want from it. I find it's much easier to do what is accepted and get what you want, then to piss people off and gain a bad rep. No one's going to help you if you repeatedly do what is frowned upon. It's probably not too late for you but people sure seem to recognize you for what you're doing...
You should be writing the show.
Confession time: I wore jean shorts virtually 100% through middle school and high school. Back then (a large portion of the 90's) jean shorts were acceptable... at least amongst the youth in so cal. I remember at graduation, it'd been the first time I wore pants in a long-ass time. Thinking back, I just LOL (and sigh)
Quote: Originally Posted by CuffEm Are they worth the extra money? Is there an increase in comfort or is it just for looks/durability? I may be wasting my digital breath, but a few months ago I was going to get some leather Chucks. I read some reviews on Zappos and other places on the net. People were saying durability, etc. Generally well liked. But at the last minute I went for PF Flyers Center Hi leathers. I love 'em. PF Flyers give you a...
Its just funny to imagine a dude in chicks jeans... when I think of chicks jeans, I automatically envision cute tight asses... and when I superimpose that on to a dude in my mind's photoshop... lol. Not knocking the doing it, I just think its funny to envision it.
That site is kinda cool, at the very least. A few months back I found that site, and got kinda kooky with switching up my lacing on a few pairs of shoes, but I found that most of them make shoes a tad harder to get on. You usually have to loosen them up completely before you can put 'em on, etc etc. I pretty much reverted all my shoes back to standard lacing.
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