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You should be writing the show.
Confession time: I wore jean shorts virtually 100% through middle school and high school. Back then (a large portion of the 90's) jean shorts were acceptable... at least amongst the youth in so cal. I remember at graduation, it'd been the first time I wore pants in a long-ass time. Thinking back, I just LOL (and sigh)
Quote: Originally Posted by CuffEm Are they worth the extra money? Is there an increase in comfort or is it just for looks/durability? I may be wasting my digital breath, but a few months ago I was going to get some leather Chucks. I read some reviews on Zappos and other places on the net. People were saying durability, etc. Generally well liked. But at the last minute I went for PF Flyers Center Hi leathers. I love 'em. PF Flyers give you a...
Its just funny to imagine a dude in chicks jeans... when I think of chicks jeans, I automatically envision cute tight asses... and when I superimpose that on to a dude in my mind's photoshop... lol. Not knocking the doing it, I just think its funny to envision it.
That site is kinda cool, at the very least. A few months back I found that site, and got kinda kooky with switching up my lacing on a few pairs of shoes, but I found that most of them make shoes a tad harder to get on. You usually have to loosen them up completely before you can put 'em on, etc etc. I pretty much reverted all my shoes back to standard lacing.
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint not more fucked than kate. she's a whore. Kate's only slept with 2 dudes in 3 years since crashing on the island...??
ABC.com hulu.com
I'm fine enough with what's going on. It's not really what I was expecting but I'm not really disappointed with any of it. I haven't been watching it since Day 1 so I guess I understand why people feel they are 'owed' a better show, but in my experience hype/high expectations will almost ALWAYS let you down. So far I'm just rolling with it. It's a little unusual in that the show has a different feel without true flashbacks... it feels as though what's going on right now...
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert I guess I don't understand the question then. When you're finished lacing, there are two ends at the top as usual, one on each side, to tie together. I was looking at the pic on my phone, to me it just looked like one lace end. I could see pulling it tight, then I was like... what next. I guess you just can't see the other lace.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet This thread needs to die. never!
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