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Weird, because I've seen a thread (I want to say in the Chinese Autos forum, or something like that) where these have been discussed. I know they have weirdo-stickler rules over there but I believe you can discuss MM/Parnis over there, where applicable. But you are probably not allowed to discuss *FAKE* Panerai, i.e. watches that aren't Panerai but labelled Panerai and meant to trick people into thinking they are real. Parnis/MM isn't selling AS Panerai. Fakes, homages,...
I've been back and forth on one of those Marina Militaires. They seem to run $75-$100 for most of the basic Panerai-look ones, which is definitely affordable. Search Watchuseek for varying accounts of how they run. Some people say they're great, some people say they're junk. They can't be bad for the money... I want to know if they can be submerged. Not that I plan on doing it but you'd like to know in case of some kind of sink/water accident.
Probably ebay. Not sure of any sites that sell old/vintage chucks aside from that.
I have primarily Gnomons and they are pretty good, pretty solid. With Natos though, if you tend to wear one a lot or over a long period of time, that one hole you use will usually get a little stretched right? Maybe a little frayed? It's to be expected and sometimes you can repair it with a lighter.... Well I just got a C&B nylon nato (my only other is a C&B leather nato, which is holding up fine though admittedly I don't wear it often) and I noticed that after about 2...
Haha, you know what's up. =)It's been hard to get this thing off my wrist, it even dethroned my favorite SKX/PMMM mod.
poor man's tuna (Edit: I guess it's not this board's kinda thing)
Confession of something weird: Scored a pair of 'lightly used' Jack Purcell boat shoes in white from ebay. $12-something I think, and look to be the 2010 spring ones. Took me a while to get into the ones I bought back then, but last summer they were my go-to sockless shoe. I've never gone in for used shoes, I can handle like pre-owned shirts and stuff, shoes are a LITTLE odd. But some people are freaked out at the concept of used shoes. I've washed my navy pair in the...
VERY underrated
Thanks to posts like this my interest in getting one of these Pan homages/marina militare have cropped up again. For less than $100 they look pretty decent. I pretty much want to get one really close to this model. There's two similar ones, ones with a pretty standard looking crown, and one with that crown cover that looks like it has a switch?? It's basically just a crown-lock, correct? I've never had a watch with something like that, could someone give an opinion on a...
I have no experience with Steinhart, but I LOVE that blue snowflake. Looks like vintage Tudor. How much are those going to be, approximately?
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