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It's pretty much covered all through the previous page
I'm not sure if it's been discontinued or not, but it IS still out there, with variants. There's at least blue dial, silver dial, gold dial versions... I think if you search SNXS but changing the number slightly, i.e. 77, 81, that should lead you to the variants.I'm sure if it's truly discontinued all the variants will also go by the wayside, but as of right this moment, these are still out there. I also think there's a very VERY similar model with a 3 o'clock crown, but...
It still feels small, but I'm getting used to it...Still seeking a nice, simple, black leather strap for it though... the inspiration to buy the watch came from a photo where it looked *phenomenal* on a black croc strap. I guess what I didn't consider is that croc is a little too dressy to me for me to wear it daily, but I look at the photo and I still think it needs a croc strap...OK, I'll show the photo... NOT MY PHOTO
Sounds like a decent deal esp if you like the 'well worn' look; only no telling how the movement runs...
If I don't consider it comically large, that's what matters. Believe me some people want way more ridiculous sized watch than my situation.
I've noticed that Converse has put out two freakin' weirdos... Jack Purcell Slips (in the vein of vans slips, with goring and no eyelets) and Jack Purcell CVO's. Something about them are so odd. Like the classic Jack Purcell silhouette but look strange on top since they don't have the traditional lace up... I would maybe consider the slips if 6pm gets them on sale in a little while... but at the current prices, nah.
Yup, I routinely wear an SKX007 mod or an SRP227 Monster which is a whopping 48mm across. Neither of those feel or look *too* big for me. I don't subscribe to any notions that a watch can be too big for someone, unless it's just like comically huge (example, a young woman or a little boy wearing a huge 50mm U-Boat watch), and I don't feel these are. The lugs definitely don't extend out past my wrist and they wear smaller than their measurements indicate. But honestly, I...
Classy, albeit small-feeling, Seiko 5
Agreed. Poor man's watches don't have to be $30 Timex, but Rolexes and Omegas in no way *truly* count in the spirit of the meaning. It's hard to even justify calling something upwards of $500 being a poor man's watch. It's like a millionaire saying, 'well to me a ferarri is a poor man's car'. Cause it's not by any stretch of the phrase. I think the true poor man range would be in the 300's or lower, with exceptions. Because the average guy can probably manage to scratch...
Not particularly thrilled that Converse took the Jack Purcell embroidering off the tongue of the standard black and white leather and canvas models, but are still putting it on everything else. I didn't realize how much I wanted that embroidery until I buy 2 pairs of the damn things. They better not go back to putting them on those again or I'll be pissed! =)
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