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There's no real criteria. There's always some douchebag who is so cool that he considers a $5k watch a 'poormans' because to him it's cheap.Personally, anything getting up and over $300 is really pricey to me and north of $500 is dreamland. I could never justify that much for one watch on the money I make. Somehow though I can force myself to own 10 $100-200 watches =)
Even by 'dark bronze' I think he meant black. Or at least, it's supposed to be black. But when you shine light on it, yea I guess it sort of does have a gunmetalish/brownish tone to it. I found mine on eBay from a Singapore dealer, three days too my door.
Still looking for a leather strap, but I've been wearing it on this (what most probably consider somewhat inappropriate) Bond strap:
all of the this
Haha that is about the broadest possible question to ask on a watch thread =)
It's pretty much covered all through the previous page
I'm not sure if it's been discontinued or not, but it IS still out there, with variants. There's at least blue dial, silver dial, gold dial versions... I think if you search SNXS but changing the number slightly, i.e. 77, 81, that should lead you to the variants.I'm sure if it's truly discontinued all the variants will also go by the wayside, but as of right this moment, these are still out there. I also think there's a very VERY similar model with a 3 o'clock crown, but...
It still feels small, but I'm getting used to it...Still seeking a nice, simple, black leather strap for it though... the inspiration to buy the watch came from a photo where it looked *phenomenal* on a black croc strap. I guess what I didn't consider is that croc is a little too dressy to me for me to wear it daily, but I look at the photo and I still think it needs a croc strap...OK, I'll show the photo... NOT MY PHOTO
Sounds like a decent deal esp if you like the 'well worn' look; only no telling how the movement runs...
If I don't consider it comically large, that's what matters. Believe me some people want way more ridiculous sized watch than my situation.
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