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Probably lows. Chuck Taylor mids, to me, are ugly. The cut is so awkward and straight. Probably not high-tops but maybe in the right way.
I was into Fossils when I first got a job, they're OK beater watches, but they are fashion watches. I was into them for several years and actually just recently unearthed them to see if the straps would fit my Seikos and 4 of them do. One of them I'm actually going to get a new battery for and maybe wear a little, but the local Radio Shack failed to have the proper battery so so far it's a no-go.
Got this cheapy strap from eBay. It's more in the vision of what I planned for this watch. It looks ok... but I could see upgrading to a slightly better leather, and pushing for a folding clasp. Better pic(s) presumably coming. other options on eBay as well (but also look at the 'what other customers looked at' on those pages).I mean yea they are probably junk but I just couldn't justify spending $100 on a...
I've seen croc straps (and other 'exotic' leathers' go for $60, $100, $150, and up... but then I've seen them for $10-$20. Leather is organic, leather will absolutely DIE if you sweat in it too much. Is paying more then a budget strap really worth it when it comes to exotics? I can't fathom spending $150 on a strap and then it reeks and cracks and falls apart in 6 months because I loved it and wore it a lot.I'm so glad I don't hang around people who judge me on how much I...
There's no real criteria. There's always some douchebag who is so cool that he considers a $5k watch a 'poormans' because to him it's cheap.Personally, anything getting up and over $300 is really pricey to me and north of $500 is dreamland. I could never justify that much for one watch on the money I make. Somehow though I can force myself to own 10 $100-200 watches =)
Even by 'dark bronze' I think he meant black. Or at least, it's supposed to be black. But when you shine light on it, yea I guess it sort of does have a gunmetalish/brownish tone to it. I found mine on eBay from a Singapore dealer, three days too my door.
Still looking for a leather strap, but I've been wearing it on this (what most probably consider somewhat inappropriate) Bond strap:
all of the this
Haha that is about the broadest possible question to ask on a watch thread =)
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