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whoa, weird. I swear at the time of my post those Purcell classics were up on zappos. they must have put them up too early, then took them down or something. went to look at them again just now and they're not there.
Recently added a Seiko SARB033. awesome.
Just saw these on zappos. $95 US here. black white and grey. they look pretty good; an improvement over the crappy revamp, but of course at a premium price. at first i thought 'what, they brought back the underlayed smiley??' then i noticed it seems to mimic the, i'm no expert, but 70's or 80's Purcells. I think the rubber is 'taller' (none of that 'low-profile' junk they've done to half the ones they put out), the smiley and heel tag are blue across all models, it's...
so glad i found this, just a few days up on that deadline too! haha
I think certain kinds of the Converse All Star patch are stitched on. I imagine you could pluck out the stitching and remove the patch, but the hole pattern might still be visible in the material... But the 'traditional' patch has always looked to me to be be very well screened on as to be pretty much integrated into the canvas. Maybe it could be dissolved off somehow, but I have no clue how this could be done. Maybe melted off too... but yea, I'm not down to sacrifice any...
Seiko 5 SNKL45
Recently copped some Converse Wells Ox. Super comfy; don't seem to be popular/plentiful. It's been a good 7 or 8 years since I've had this type of skate shoe.
Eww, Converse changed the Jack Purcell with some lame changes, and now it looks like they've screwed around with the Chuck Taylor for no reason as well. They've changed the tags at the top of the tongue and on the heel, as well as added a little loop on the tongue to run the laces through. All completely unnecessary changes that add nothing to the shoe and take away from it's classic look. What random timing.....
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