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they have the pony hair boots.. NOT MY SIZEEEEE
I have 4 pairs and want more so w/e
and barneys
Those are the wings + horns x dayton service boots from a few years back. I think they went for something like $700you can get the same boot here without the w+h logo and without the distressing: http://www.daytonboots.com/node/154just ask for leather laces
I think you'll be out of luck. Not many people on sf have the shoes you mentioned, some may have diors but that is about it. But ya the baller sneaker thread would be your best bet
get a cobbler to put a topy on, some call it a "sole saver" will not ruin the slimness
Someone had to do it. CDGH+ .
I think his shoes are patent shiny stuff
black dog, black film
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