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not sure why you need 8 white dress shirts, maybe like 2, but I would just get some from uniqlo
Ya I have the same problem, the most recent posts don't push the thread to the top and sometimes it's not even bold
from tommy ton Augustas?
kids section on La Garconne :>http://www.lagarconne.com/store/category.htm?sid=182
I dont trust my cobbler, so I topy-ed my own shoes this time. I wouldn't recommend if you have a good cobbler or don't have a steady hand. It ended up costing more than the cobbler would have charged. Still happy with the way it turned out though . . Made use out of the long-ass DRKSHDW tag. I Just found a good spot diagonally across near the bottom and hand sewed it on . . that is all for now
A bunch of fair isle stuff from uniqlo, I want to be a snowflake
Picked them up from yoox last year. Other than that I don't really know much more about them. It says 2011 01 on the tag, so maybe SS2011? Here are some more pictures [[SPOILER]]
church fit, I should probably mention that
I dont like posting after synthese Ervell Gitman Margiela Margiela
look here http://www.selectism.com/2012/10/12/s-e-h-kelly-green-tuck-stitch-crew-neck-wool-jumper/out of those, I like the desert boots
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