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i think its really hard to make generalizations about mmm side zips but I would go with GAT size and if its too big put in some superfeetz
ya he definitely does, I guess I should have said 'another lil geller'
lil geller on the way?
its from fw11, I found it on yjp for close to retail. had to cop
Need more people to add!
Thanks!you can't tell from the pic but the pattern continues into the top too
oh my word, 2 days in a row. dries gitman uniqlo dayton conservative, I know
Thanks, It's a Fujifilm x10
EGSilent (olive, idk why it looks grey)GellerDaytonFilsonMoscot glasses [[SPOILER]]
it does, but I still don't think I've seen KJ with anything that fits in the arm
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