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Spent the week in nycTook a fit pic everyday. I packed light, so the fits are not very diverse [[SPOILER]]
I was only talking about in-store. Someone said earlier that they saw it at Barney's co-op
Barney's got some new stuff in store today, the only thing they have that I haven't seen anywhere else are the engineer pants in mustard, leather pants, sweatpants (like on rg), and some shorts in the same material as the sweatpants. Didn't see the fishnet tank They had the raglan bomber and shortsleeve hoodie too If anyone is wondering the 5 pocket skinny jeans fit completly different than last season, they are very very slim. Can't fit into the 50 without them looking...
I feel the same way, I just want mij raws. I was just saying to preMMM0 that the pair I tried on definatley didnt have the selveged edge. Anyway I'll probably go back and get them, thanks
Ya but there was no selvage edge, I guess it could still be selvage denim but do they even do that Do the selvage pairs cost ~430?
Ok that's starting to make sense, so basically if I wanted mij raws then $430 is the normal price. Selvage pair would be more?
I was trying the raw 19cms at the NYC boutique today and I liked them a lot. I was wondering though, they were priced at $430 and they were not selveged, but I see on browns website the $430 pair is selveged (assuming -20% vat) and the 'brut' jeans on lvr are $4xx too (not sure if selveged or not). And I see that both lvr and browns have cheaper mij raws (non selvage) in the $330 range. So what did I try on? Or are they just marked up $100 at the boutique? I need an expert
Oh haha nvm
add him on facebook and message him
ya they loosen up, but not muchI wore the long sleeve version a lot this winter as an undershirt (pretty sure that is what it is for) and it was really warm, I
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