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all the layers were thin, tank doesnt count its very thini thought someone would say this google search
thats cool you don't have to like it, I wore this for walking to class this morning and I liked it so I posted it. I like my socks tooThe white shirt is not a tshirts, its a very thin tank that is meant to stick out of the bottom. The point of it was to make it stand out. [[SPOILER]] It's to hot for pants, 90 degrees and 100% humidity today.
school fit brands listed on my tumblr
that would make his torso look longer
they have a good shape, the nipples are meh
I thought hagg was in high school
here's one in size 6 :/ http://www.gravitypope.com/clothing/product/2841-stephan-schneider-aw1109-55-
cut the flap off (0)
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