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seems fine putting this in rft but there is this thread also
Margiela has a line of shoes that are "replicas" of other shoes, i.e. the german army trainer sneakers. This line is called replica I'm not sure where these fall in, but they are not fake.
is this an ma-1 coat
Isaora "micro-drop" navy sweatpants, drawsting, slight drop crotch, 7.5"hem. very soft, very nice, very gucci just want to get what I payed
want those blanc & noir sneakers great collection
? get them dirty
ive heard good things about thesehttp://www.asos.com/Men/Underwear-Socks/Cat/pgecategory.aspx?cid=4030#state=Rf900%3D1578%40Rf-400%3D3435&parentID=Rf-400&pge=0&pgeSize=20&sort=-1
raf simonsthey will be hard to findlook here often http://www.yoox.com/us/men/shoes/shoponline#/d=139&dept=shoesmen&gender=U&page=1&season=A
sinnedk man, just idk..
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