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this one
pit to pit medium- 20.5" large- 23" xl- 25" 2xl- 27"
Go to your local burg while you burg and wear this burg shirt, then post about it on tumblr / rft 100% polyester, 'dry fit' perfect for summer Fits tts, but I like to wear one size larger than I usually do Shipping is included in the CONUS, and $5 for everywhere else in the world p2p: medium- 20.5" large- 23" xl- 25" 2xl- 27" I have: medium x1 large x1 xlarge xxlarge they dont make a small, or at least I haven't seen one
pm me if want burg
I want to but I don't really need to my flight jacket is a large and fits like a medium/large, my intarsia is a medium and fits good so I would probably go with a medium which is tts for me
CAUSE ITS DOPE does oki-ni take off vat on sale stuff
someone will definitely stock it but not at tbs prices
i forgot who said it, maybe it was gettoasty , but tres bien will not be stocking rick in the fall
first one to pm me gets a tbs code gave away
I stayed up last night till 2am just to get the sale right when it started, and I bought something that isnt on this list
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