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ya, I ended up having to hand sew them
couple things I've done the past week This can be disassembled. Everything fits together without screws or nails, they just slide into each other like tongue and groove
[insert picture of moo and suit shorts] boom roasted
Shipping Included in the CONUS, paypal Only 200->180->160-> 150 final -->>>120 final final final spring 2010 EG conductors jacket in navy/Indigo, size large Beautiful jacket, just not where my style is headed. Fabric looks really cool, peep the close ups. It's in great condition, I think I wore it around 6 times p2p: 22" s2s: 18" sleeve: 27" I heard you like dirty mirror pics thanks
u mad
the ones people are asking for aren't public. If you've ordered from them recently they might have sent a discount code in your package
mmm are size 45, no clue how the ended up in japan
thanks guys both items are from yjp!
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