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working hard on my submission(s) Do we have an idea of the printed paper size?
Grailed also bought from me, the Ann ornate overcoat, they priced it a little higher than they bought it for (I'm not 100% sure it's mine but I did sell that coat on grailed)
Local post is always best imo, just gets handed off to USPS. Ask them to mark the value low
ya 6% + paypal so around 10% ... Prefect time to release the new SF b&s
nice buy @nicelynice, you can be all matchy with Diane Keaton now [[SPOILER]] Did that black blazer with green stirpe not work out for you?
really cool, top 3 should get a prize, could become an annual passive contest
From EG fw 16 and a scan from 'Go Out' japanese outdoor magazine, Jan. 2016
was that the striped one on yjp like a month or 2 ago?
I have one in size 3 that I'd sell you but its in a box on a freight ship until like May Those a great pics Spope
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