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oh ya moo did sell those rick dunks because of the heel slip, I forgot how well they went with his suit and shorts
its definitely a baker, not sure what season though. looks goodedit: not a bedford, they don't have flap pockets. bakers do and also the slant chest pocket
xpost from challenge
challenge accepted [[SPOILER]] Ann DDamir DomaCommon Projectes
I've posted before but I'll say again, more relevant now. Those moon boots, are resoled US army cold weather boots. Like extreme cold weather boots, a lot of people use them for base camp on Denali. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bunny_boots
some picture I've taken that you might like crane petrified forest, AZ Phillip Island, Victoria, Aus. (fisherman bottom left)
guidi's crazy
dont be so stiff
einstine you cryin bro? its gonna be ok.. I know you didn't like suspension point using you as a mannequin
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