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lets trade wardrobessome weird light tube in my apartment building, lets natural light in the halls, goes from the roof to the ground floor and is like that the whole way down--polished white ceramic
xpost from waywt, best challenge turn out evar. I guess everyone on SF started with a pair of raw jeans
Needles Rebuild coat and shirt Skull S5010XX 6X6 circa 2009 Dayton Filson Sarti scarf
Client Style thought the boots were MA at first glance, awesome
Marc Jacobs I think, but not really inspo
Schneider stole Giuliano Fujiwara coat EG pant Kuboraum glasses
oh hah I just assumed you + your friend. I was wearing RO while I was there but never a hint of anything going on otherwise
2 dudes in Tuscaloosa wearing CCP? Bricks would be shat if I passed by that
I was thinking about ordering a pair of guidis in that bone color, slight yellow tint
Did you deny my friend request?
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