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and EM takes phone orders iirc
check the fuji x30
Eastern Market has a lot in stock, got mine from ebay though. But really whats the issue? theres a lot of places to get them online
thanks guys!picked it up from a local hatter, rabbit felt. Just trying to fit in in Australia yo
I had this adam kimmel belt with 2 loops. I cut one loop off and sewed it back together under the other attached by a key ring, now its some kind of ccp-esque shit
picked up these MA+ so beautiful
I got the b2b jacket in and it was way too big (size L, I'm 41"chest), but I shrunk it basically a whole size after soaking it and tossing it in the dryer on high. I checked it every 10 mins and ended up drying it for 30 min total. Made it lumpier too and "I guess at the end of the day, it's all about the lumps." -lsp pants coming soon! I'll have my first 3 piece suit
noticed the same thing, came to the same conclusion
pr patterson pants
anyone know where I can get the buttons that EG has been using on the bedfords? like the single middle hole ones?
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