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Been traveling for a while and trying to catch up. @nicelynice I havent seen new PR stuff for a while but tbh its starting to bore me a little, I still really like is stuff but the past 3 seasons have basically been the same thing. I wish he would do something like the softer green fabric that @Guy Burgess has. With that being said I've picked up 2 more pieces a long double breasted coat in a super thick wool from a few season ago that I got half off, and a 100% washi...
might find something
PR helped Altieri in the early stages of m_moria so he at least knows what he's doing. They are really great in person, more chunky than they appear in pics. I really love his model with the bronze toe cap. Eastern market picked these up last year but sold out before they hit the floor. They are getting the ones w/o toe cap this year. [[SPOILER]] taken from various instagrams, Eastern Market, La Paradox ...
struggling to keep it alive!
If anyone wants to post on the 'how would you like a girl to dress' tumblr, let me know
But I tried really hard and stressed out all week
was mens, now womens
If anyone's interested in buying a brand new pair of Taichi pants pm me, thinking about selling. Fits around 32
How are you tying laces @coolron? I tried a pair on and the SA had me take the loop over the toe and around to the back which made it look like yours, I just wrapped around ankle again to make shorter
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