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The collection grows
this is a 7" hem qlo jeans with ma+ in 44. larger hems tend to eat ma boots up, they already look stumpy
MA heels are shit, just replace after the first gets worn down imo
44 would be about a size big on you, could work with insoles. I'm a true 44.5 and really like my size 45 that I wear with insoles, without insoles they are fucking gigantic
not sure why you're selling but these prices are insane and someone should cop asap
last night, same labels diff stuff EG Moleskin EG vest qlo jeans MA+ pig
ya it sold I'm sure it was much too large for you though! It was slightly too big for me in the shoulders and I'm 6'2" 180lbCheers, means a lot
Alabama on the fashion come up
Keepin it real in Alabama [[SPOILER]]
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