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KOY this is the instagram in your sig, its not right, or is it? @kindofyoung https://instagram.com/josuak/
Agreed I just thought it was funny what he said, he's like a walking contradiction
So good he bought them twice: Roberto Graham, 28, bought two pairs of boots - one for himself, the other for his girlfriend. 'Air Jordans are cool for teenagers but these are for people into fashion,' he said oh
Jelly fish suit http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/571715004480/ https://www.grail.com/listings/247397-paul-smith-jellyfish-button-down-shirt
Aww I'll be on the lookout
Looks like Taichi Murakami glasses
halp us @LA Guy @in stitches
deal with it
I hate everybody
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