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Ya I set off the alarm and skirted away awkwardly.NN go to Hoochie Coochie in Kitazawa like @Guy Burgess and @spacepope suggested, the place was awesome. I spent like hours just digging around, ended up getting a tattered boro cloth thats about scarf size and a boro hemp kaya mosquito netting thats about scarf size too. Everything else was too small. They are in the middle of moving shop so everything is just pilled up in like a storage crate, just adds to the experience imo.
I tried on calf 998's in 45.5 (.5 sizes up) and they were way too tight in both length and width. Bought 2 size 46 (1 size up) 998s in cordovan and they are at least .5" too long and a little wide. From what I can tell, amount of shrink is dependent on leather type. Makes sense given the cordovan shrunk less and has thicker/tighter fibers. An I say shrink because I think that is the culprit, they make shoes to fit tts and then they shrink during the coloring process. I'd...
ahah well I was in Iceland at that time! I'm actually going for an Earth Science conference but I'm staying an extra 2 weeks beforehandThat sounds good, I'll save it.Mainly looking for second hand goods, vintage or consignment. Let's hang out! I still need to plan when I'll be around Tokyo but I think It'll be around the 25th of June.
Been traveling for a while and trying to catch up. @nicelynice I havent seen new PR stuff for a while but tbh its starting to bore me a little, I still really like is stuff but the past 3 seasons have basically been the same thing. I wish he would do something like the softer green fabric that @Guy Burgess has. With that being said I've picked up 2 more pieces a long double breasted coat in a super thick wool from a few season ago that I got half off, and a 100% washi...
might find something
PR helped Altieri in the early stages of m_moria so he at least knows what he's doing. They are really great in person, more chunky than they appear in pics. I really love his model with the bronze toe cap. Eastern market picked these up last year but sold out before they hit the floor. They are getting the ones w/o toe cap this year. [[SPOILER]] taken from various instagrams, Eastern Market, La Paradox ...
struggling to keep it alive!
If anyone wants to post on the 'how would you like a girl to dress' tumblr, let me know
But I tried really hard and stressed out all week
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