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Melbourne gets about everything possible. See geobaskets at least 1 per day. I was standing at a crossing next to a girl and we were both wearing MMM painted gats. Saw M_Moria once, Paul harnden shoes 2-3 times, Guidi 10+, CCP surprisingly like 6 times, Carpe back-lace once, Old dude in Ann hightops, Old lady in raf x adidas, Cross-dresser in rick wedges, Visvim virgils looking out the window of my lab. Probs a lot more that I missed, and not counting SA's. It helps that...
get some MA heels for ya girl http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/581215006742/
size 46 brown dip dye for cheap http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/580115001145/
EG Jacket and pants Shipley & Halmos shirt MA belt and pig shoes Helmut Lang handcuff
Geller Geo shirt from ss12, great condition. Dark navy with small squares and triangles. Fabric buttons throughout, double button cuffs shoulders 17" - 43cm pits 22" - 56cm sleeves 25.5" - 65cm shipped free from Australia
Comme des Garcons Black drop crotch cropped pants from 2008. Really cool, just too small for me. I'll trade for the same pant in a 34 Shipped for free worldwide Waist - 16.5" | 42cm
Fits like all other gitman Mediums. Cotton OCBD with fairisle accents Shoulders 18.5" Chest 22" Paypal only, shipped from Australia. Shipping Included Internationally
The most thumbed post of all time is now a dead image I feel like that needs to be fixed, probs unintentional? @Parker http://www.styleforum.net/t/164384/the-waywt-discussion-thread/103950_50#post_6695514
Thanks! Jewalter's right, hat is Reinhard Plank, there's the exact same one for sale on yjp. It came with a band but I removed it
Ya I Agree, I never cuff but these pants have the cuffs sewn on, might try and cut them loose
New Posts  All Forums: