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@RegisDB9 http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/572914009569/
totes taken soz
buy it, I dressed my gf the other day; swaggered out. you need a large safety pin though to maximize it's use [[SPOILER]]
what teh fuck are u on about,
x post from silhouette challenge- skirt concept mmm eg dior dayton msocot
skirt concept mmm eg dior dayton msocot
can someone comment on CD sizing, specifically s23m boots. I'm a brannock 44.5, can I fit a 44?
simple fit for a rainy day [[SPOILER]]
thanks, to tag you hit the @ button near the insert picture button in the reply box. It doesn't work like FB unfortunately
How tall are you and what size are the pants? thanks for the pics, really helps @nickp
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