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EG dreezy LEH (really good lookbook, got from here http://everyoneeatscookies.tumblr.com/tagged/LEH) Kapital
this thread needs a bump!
this is a very nice scarf for super cheap http://www.styleforum.net/t/377170/fs-stephan-schneider-soumak-scarf-bnwot-price-drop-3-19/0_50
nah man you dont want it
where'd you pick up the visvims from? wtb virgils size 12
love the green ones. A womens store here carries gats and they have the green and a purple and I go in just to look at those
that. is. awesome.
Is that Dries? If the sleeves don't fit and its a 50 pm me
Margiela x H&M $15 off ebay, although now they go for a lot more lolThats an Alvin draft/matic. I do like it, it's all metal so its nice and heavy, made in japan. After a while the textured grip starts to hurt though
ps before jet says something, I don't light cigars with the bic
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